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Another quick update


Barbara checked into the hospital at about 1:30PM on Monday of this week for her shoulder replacement surgery. She walked out of the hospital at about 10:00AM on Wednesday to come home. She’s irrepressible–I keep catching her carrying bags of dog food, poop-scooping in the back yard, so many things she shouldn’t really be doing. But (obviously, perhaps), her recovery is going great!

The roster of fosters (cute phrase…I gotta remember that) in the house changes too rapidly for me to be 100% confident of this report, but it’s fairly close. Bear with me…

Maizie’s got a foster home down in Spanish Fork, UT, with a young woman who is responsible for running the elections in that town. We’re reasonable hopeful that it’ll turn into an adoption. However, the woman had an expected trip out of town this weekend, so from Friday morning through Monday evening, Maizie’s staying here at Camp Sheltie.

Peyton has turned into a real love bug. Barbara has been sleeping on the couch without any dogs loose to jump on her, while I’ve been sleeping in our bed with about 8 or 9 dogs loose in the room. Peyton has discovered that he loves to sleep up on the bed right by my head. In fact, he’s so enthusiastic about it that Abby found it necessary to get between me and Peyton Thursday night to let him know that I’m her daddy and he’s got to back off a little :)

Two weeks ago, a really great couple — dog-knowledgeable, too — adopted Tacoma. It was obvious from the start that this was going to work out great. Tacoma loved meeting them and hit it off right away. They also fell in love with little Justice and indicated that they wanted to adopt him as well. Unfortunately, the man recently lost his job (the economy hits all sorts of people), so their finances are a little tight. We arranged a down-payment-with-payment-plan for them for Tacoma.But they said they’d have to hold off for a couple of weeks on Justice.

A few days after that, two elderly (10 years old) Sheltie girls, Daisy and Ginger, were released to us. They’d been brought to Utah by their family when they moved here from Texas. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to find housing that they can afford and that would allow them to keep their Shelties. So they relinquished them to us. The girls are sweet, but absolutely obsessed with Zen-cat. No, they don’t chase or try to hurt Zennie, but they want to watch and sniff her intently. And Zen’s not amused :) The girls are also very, very overweight, Daisy’s bloodwork is a little suspect, and Ginger’s arthritis is very severe (but her tummy’s not happy with the Rimadyl that we started giving her).

On Wednesday evening (the day Barbara got home from the hospital), a woman from Nevada who is in SLC to have some very serious surgery brought her Sheltie to spend 7 to 14 days here at Camp Sheltie. Poor Rosie’s never been away from her mom and she’s really anxious, walking around panting all the time. The woman is destitute because of her illness (but, heck, health care’s a privilege, right?), so we’re charging her the bare minimum daily fee. As sweet as Rosie is, we’ll be glad when her mom is out of the hospital and can take Rosie home with her.

Yesterday (I think…it might have been Thursday), a man brought us a youngish, slightly largish, blond sable, neutered male named Copper. Copper’s a nice dog, but a little flakey, somewhat bouncy, and a little antagonistic towards other males. We’re guessing that he hasn’t been neutered all that long, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

Last night, Lollipop and Brando were adopted (together!) by a wonderful couple who had really fallen in love with them both. The two kids were hilarious, showing off, playing together, and just excited to go for a ride with their new family. They called this morning to say how good everything is going! Hooray!!

On the other hand, this morning, we had an appointment with a man who had previously turned over several Sheltie puppies and (I think!) an adult Sheltie to us. This time, the guy brought two un-neutered males, one 7 years old and one 1 year old (the latter not potty-trained). And he let us know that he might bring one other (un-neutered, of course) male us in a few weeks, and that he still has three (spayed, we think) females that he might also bring to us later on. Grrrrr… So we have very attractive and fairly nice (but a little spooky) Bridger, the 7 year old, to have neutered this coming week, as well as Echo, who had never had a leash on until I put one on him after the man left, also to be neutered. Echo is a bit of a freak show, having not the slightest idea about collars, leashes, coming when called, etc. And they both have far too much testosterone flowing to be considered safe around the other dogs unsupervised.

Right after Bridger and Echo were dropped off, the couple who adopted Tacoma came over with the initial intent of adopting Justice. Unfortunately, just a few days ago, Barbara noticed that Justice is losing some hair on both sides and both hips and that his skin is getting flakey. After consulting with our vets at Cottonwood, we agreed that there are three probable causes: a) thyroid deficiency, which is very easy and inexpensive to treat; b) Cushing’s disease (a/k/a Adrenal Gland Gone Wild), which is treatable but not really curable; and c) Kidney failure, which is somewhat treatable, but definitely not curable. We told the couple all of this and they, with very deep regrets, said that they did not have the financial resources at this time to take on a dog who would probably have significant medical bills. We told them that we’d have Justice checked out and that, if it turned out to be thyroid deficiency (the least likely of the three possibilities), we’d let them know and they could adopt him. Otherwise, we’ll just keep our eyes open for another small, sweet Sheltie who would get along with Tacoma.

So, how many dogs are actually in the house right now? Hmmm…where are those toes…I’m going to need them for counting… If I haven’t really lost count (definitely a possibility), I think we have 21 dogs, one of whom (Maizie) is here only for another couple of days and another of whom is here for only a week or two. In just the last two or two and half weeks, we’ve placed four Shelties and taken in 6 or 7. This is NUTS!

And, not to worry, there’s at least one Sheltie girl coming to us within another week or so.

Even though Barbara’s doing more than she really should, most of the load is falling onto me and Amanda (our faithful petsitter). We’re doing OK, but man could we use some more foster homes!

What was it that gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson said? "Send lawyers, guns, and money!" Well, we don’t want guns and would rather not have lawyers. So may be we should say "Send fosters, adopters, and money!"

On this day..

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3 comments to Another quick update

  • MandaBear

    Well, 22 if you count the fact that I have Tanner with me but back to 21 now that Mazie has gone back home. I am going to challenge myself and try to name everyone there now (excluding Mazie):
    Tommy, Nash, Justice, Star, Missy, Gracie, Abby, Payton, Buffy, Alex, Rogue, Sienna, Jet, Copper, Olivia, Ginger, Daisy, Rose, Echo, Bridger, and I bring Tanner with me. Yep, I think that is everyone. Oh, and of course who could forget Zen-cat lol.

  • Wow! I’m glad you’re able to keep this all straight. It makes my head spin just to think about it all. I’m really glad to hear that Barbara’s recooperating so well, (once again!) It really is amazing.

  • Glad Barbara is doing well after surgery. Just try to get her not to do so much, so she doesn’t injur the shoulder! Right. I am hoping you can find more foster homes soon. Though I know you love them all…it’s just too many under one roof!

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