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Cute sign!

3 comments to Cute sign!

  • Kim and Dan

    The sign is very cute! May we ask how Barb is doing, did she have the surgery? Also, Alex has disappeared from your website, did that sweet boy get adopted? How are Tommy and Buffy? We hope all are well.

  • Kim and Dan,

    Barbara is doing incredibly well, even better than after her first shoulder replacement in January! She has an appointment on Monday afternoon with her doctor to check her progress, and we’re confident that he’ll be amazed. She’s doing more than she really should, IMHO, but her shoulder’s not giving her much pain — in fact, she’s significantly reduced the amount of pain meds that she’s taking, far below what they’ve authorized for her. She really impresses and amazes me!

    Alex has not been adopted, and I’m slightly surprised that you say he’s disappeared off the web site; perhaps Barbara took him off and I didn’t notice. In any case, we no longer believe that he’s going to be adopted, nor do we think it’s best for him now. He’s gotten a lot older (although he’s still healthy) and has become significantly more affectionate towards us, which is really nice.

    Tommy’s doing great. I promised a few months ago to let everybody know what his new adventure was going to be, and I can’t recall if I did tell y’all. He’s going to start carting! The woman in California who helped us rescue Tommy to start with stays in touch and always wants to be sure that Tommy’s doing well — and she’s become *the* Sheltie carting person in the country. Well, she and some of her friends have donated a harness and a cart to SRU for Tommy’s use. She was going to be here in mid-October to help us really get started, but she had a heart attack last week and it’s going to be later in the year before she can make it.

    Buffy’s also doing very well. The woman who adopted Shelby a few months ago (this is relevant to Buffy, so bear with me) called us a month or so ago to tell us that Shelby had been diagnosed with lymphoma and had only a few weeks left to live. We met the two of them at Cottonwood Animal Hospital for a second opinion with SRU’s vet, which only confirmed the seriousness of Shelby’s condition. Well, a couple of hours ago, the woman called us to say that she was taking Shelby to the vet’s to release her and then an hour later to tell us that Shelby was gone to the Bridge. But she said that she’d call us again in a couple of weeks, possibly wanting to foster or even adopt another Sheltie. Buffy has some similarities to Shelby that we think might make him a prospect for the woman, such as his size, coloration, and general temperament. We’ll see.

    Hope this helps,

  • Kim and Dan

    Thank you for the update. Please extend my condolences to the wonderful woman that opened her heart to Shelby. Shelby was a beautiful girl, she deserved to spend the rest of her life with her own special person.

    I was a little worried that Alex had gone to the Bridge and that you, being so incredibly busy at SRU that you are, hadn’t had time to share the news. While I wish he had been adopted at least he is healthy and it sounds like he is happy to boot, bonus!

    Thank you for not turning away shelties just because of their age. When a senior needs help there are very few places for them to go where there is any chance of a happy ending.


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