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No, we haven’t died…

It’s time for yet another of my patented "I have a really good reason for not blogging…" excuses. Except, of course, that I don’t have a really good reason, or even a sort-of-good reason. The truth is that we’ve been busy with the usual stuff. The only "unusual" thing is something you all know about already — Barbara’s shoulder surgery. Which, by the way, is recovering very nicely. Barbara’s already quit taking the serious pain meds and is using only ibuprofin for pain relief. (The woman is simply amazing!)

The pack members haven’t really changed much since my last report. Lollypop’s new family made good on their desire to adopt Brando, too, and he went off to join his buddy about a week or ten days ago…lucky puppy! Rosie’s still visiting Camp Sheltie, but her mom’s told us that she plans to retrieve her tomorrow, as soon as she’s released from the hospital and physical therapy (and Rosie will be ecstatic, ’cause she’s been really stressed at being in the house with two strangers and such a large pack). Maizie’s foster mom returned from her sudden trip out of town and retrieved her late last week, and it was so delightful to see how overjoyed Maizie was to see her — that’s an adoption waiting to happen.

We’re expecting a new girl, named (of all things) "Zippy", to come to us this weekend. I haven’t met her (heck, I just heard her name today!), but at least she’s been spayed. Many of you know how we discourage adopters from changing the name a rescue dog has, ’cause they’ve already lost just about everything they had except for their names. Well, I just don’t see calling a little girl "Zippy", so it’s gotta go…but it should be something that sounds at least a little bit like that name. Any brilliant ideas?

We’re also expecting some of the dogs here to be adopted in the next couple of weeks. Jake’s adoption will be finalized this weekend, Rogue’s adoption will happen on October 16, and (hooray!) little overshot Gracie will be adopted on October 14 (I think). With two out and one in, that will bring the number down to (if my math is correct) "only" 19 dogs in the house.

Our faithful petsitter, Amanda, has been here just about every day since Barbara’s shoulder surgery, helping with the dogs. Perhaps more importantly, she’s also been working hard helping Barbara with a tremendous backlog of filing SRU’s paperwork. When it takes five hours each day to feed, medicate, and take pottying a pack of 15 to 20-some-odd dogs, and another five hours to deal with rescue-related email, ASSA rescue/National issues, and merely paying the bills, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to file…never mind to catch up on back filing. So Amanda’s been a real dog-send by helping out with this! I don’t know how many more days she can give us (remember…she’s already resigned so she can get a full-time job :( but she agreed to help out after Barbara’s surgery), but I’m grateful for any help.

Finally, on a really delightful note: An unexpected brouhaha on the national Sheltie rescue mailing list has led to us getting a new volunteer for Sheltie Rescue of Utah! A woman named Dawn Pecora, who has health issues that prevent her from doing the physical acts associated with rescue, spends most of her time at the computer, scouring the web for leads to Shelties needing rescue who might have slipped through the cracks of the normal channels. In the past, Dawn (who lives…I’m nearly positive…in Tennessee) has helped us find out about such Shelties several times. Well, yesterday, Dawn and I exchanged some email with the end result that she’s going to join SRU to help out with various things computer-related. That includes continuing to scour the web for Shelties needing our help, but also working on our web store, doing fundraising, and who knows what else? (We’re still negotiating!)

Please welcome Dawn to the SRU family!

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9 comments to No, we haven’t died…

  • Cindy c

    How about ‘Tippy’ you can claim it is because of the cute little white tip on her tail. :O)

  • Glad things are sort of settled down! And good news on the adoptions as well! And of course, welcome to Dawn, she’ll be a big help to you! Could change Zippy’s name to Missy..sort of (kinda) sounds similar…I guess! :)

  • Glad to hear Barbara’s recovery is going so well. Again! It really is unbelieveable how quickly she bounces back from major sugeries.

    As for Zippy. I guess the name doesn’t bother me at all because I have very fond memories of a Border Collie that was in agility when Zoe first started that was named Zipper. I thought she was a great dog. I’m afraid I have no imagination when it comes to naming dogs. It takes weeks around here for Randy and I to agree on a name. LOL However if anything pops into my head, I’ll be sure to let you know.

    Nice to hear that you’ve got several adoptions close to finalizing, and that you’ve found another volunteer to help out with the endless jobs that you and Barbara have to fulfill.

  • Sigh… there’s always so much going on, isn’t there? We haven’t been blogging ourselves for three weeks! Glad to hear that Barbara is recovering well and what fantastic news about the new volunteer!

  • eddiethegirl

    yea a new helper!!! that is wonderful!
    maybe after my first year of teaching I’ll have time of other things…. you never did take us up on helping you bathe dogs however.

  • MandaBear

    Barbara said her name was Zipper not Zippy. I thought it was Zippy as well so I suggested Pippi (like Pippi Longstockings). lol

  • eddiethegirl, guilty as charged! As a matter of fact, though, I’ve been bathing a dog about every other day during the last week. First, it was Abby (who’d rolled in something and gotten a bit stinky). Next, I bathed Jet, whose coat is naturally very oily and gets all yucky pretty easily. Then, we bathed Gracie (last week) to get her ready for her adoption day (this morning). That only leaves, ummm…, about 17 dogs who need baths!

    I’ll ask Barbara if she thinks we can start planning a bath-day some day real soon, and maybe you can come over and help! The rest of you are welcome to join, too, but we’ll understand if, say, Michigan and New Zealand are a little too far ;^)

  • Ok, I’ll drive over on Thursdays to do baths…NOT! :) But it does seem you need additional volunteers, how about high school kids that need their public service hours? Or is there a college in or near Sandy? Maybe one that has a vet tech school? And they could volunteer? Or…sigh. I don’t know, but you need help! (with the dogs…not as individuals!!)

  • eddiethegirl

    well make it a Saturday and we will be there :) AS long as we aren’t busy of course ;)

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