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In…and out

In my previous post , I mentioned that we were expecting a new girl named Zippy to come into SRU over the weekend. As Amanda told us in her comment on that post, I got the name wrong. The new kid’s name is actually "Zipper". When she came in, we were told that she has problems with men, so I shouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t take to me. Well, I have a brand new BFF, named Zipper :) She has really taken a liking to me, and I to her. She’s very sweet and is quickly learning not to cower when I reach my hand out to her. It’s clear that the man of the house from which she came wasn’t her biggest fan and he was perhaps a bit rougher with her than we were told.

One interesting thing about Zipper is her medical issue — she has lupus! Most of you probably know that lupus is an autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system doesn’t recognize some of the body’s tissues as "self" and so tries to reject them. Zipper’s lupus seems to affect mostly her face. Her eyes are red-rimmed and her muzzle has small sores and a fair amount of hair loss. Her nose looks like she was stuck in an industrial-strength tanning booth over the weekend…it’s raw and scabby. Plus, one of her eyes leaks green gunk rather a lot. Barbara’s been putting medicine onto her nose and muzzle and other meds into her eyes, and it seems to be making a difference.

This morning, Gracie headed off to Boise, ID, to her new forever home. She’s going to live with an elderly woman up there who’s had Shelties in the past and just fell in love with Gracie’s picture on our web site . Gracie’s new mom doesn’t travel much these days, so a good friend of her who comes to SLC fairly often volunteered to pick up Gracie and take her to her new home. Things went very smoothly, and it was clear that Gracie was excited to be going off to her new home. It really did seem that she understood what was going on and that she was very happy. We’ve been promised pictures of Gracie with her new mom some time in the next few days, and I’ll try hard to post them here on the blog.

Knowing that her adoption day was coming up quickly, we gave Gracie a well-needed bath last week and brushed her out really good. She looks absolutely wonderful, all shiny and bouncy. She also went to the vet’s for a good teeth-cleaning on Friday and bounced back from that very quickly. She looks and feels great (and her breath is nearly puppy-fresh, too). And here’s that happy ending that we love so much!!!

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4 comments to In…and out

  • Awww…good for Gracie (and the special furever Mom)! Now…on to Zipper…apparently you like that name better than Zippy? LOL! Glad she’s finding out that all men are not evil. Though obviously she has had an evil experience (or two or more) sometime in her past. Poor baby, she probably is very appreciative of all the attention she’s getting to help her feel better.

  • Yay, good to hear that Gracie has found a new home. She has such an expressive, sweet face. I hope the new owner will help her lose the surplus pounds quickly :-)

  • eddiethegirl

    yea I love to hear when there are adoptions!!!!

  • goals

    This is a nice post with have a good article.I think Gracie found a new home with new Mom.He was very for new owners.

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