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Princess Gracie with Her New Mom Jo

Gracie was adopted from some folks who lived on a farm. She looked like she lived outside but adapted to her new families’ routine of having her live life indoors. Unfortunately she seemed to have a training problem when it came to house training so she was turned over to Sheltie Rescue. She arrived with a little too much love to squeeze so we put her on a diet and a regular potty’ing regimen with crating between outings. Gracie soon learned to go potty outside so reliably that she slep in our bedroom at night un-crated. Gracie is a small sized Sheltie and she’s even smaller now that she’s lost some weight. She loves to play with toys but most of all she loves to cuddle with her person. Now she gets to sleep in bed with her new Mom even though she’d already bought her an LL Bean doggie bed. Gracie will finally have a home and Mom all to herself and will live the life of a loved and spoiled Princess Sheltie…we’re so very happy for her. Here are photos of new Mom Jo and her Gracie.IMG00831



Jo and Gracie

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