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Sudden Surge of Adoptions

In the last three weeks or thereabouts, Sheltie Rescue of Utah has adopted out three (3) — and almost four —pairs of Shelties! Less than a month ago, a lovely family adopted Lollypop then, just a week or so later, came back and adopted her buddy Brando! Those two kids, each about a year old, were best friends and it is so wonderful to know that they are now sharing a forever home.

Last week, Rogue’s new mommy and her son drove down to Utah from Montana to finish up the adoption paperwork and take their luck little girl back home with them. While they were here getting to know Rogue and working on the contract, they fell in love with Bridger, who’d only been here a week or so. Before it was over, they asked if they could adopt both Rogue and Bridger together. We were delighted and immediately agreed. Since they got back home, they’ve sent us email saying that Rogue is hanging very close to her new mom, and Bridger started right off sleeping with the son. Another very happy ending!!!

This week, a senior gentleman drove down from Oregon after having called us and talked to us about his wish to adopt two Shelties. In the last couple of months, this poor soul had lost his disabled wife to health problems and had to put down one of his two beloved Shelties for health issues of her own. But the real horror is that while he was taking care of that Sheltie, he took the other to his brother’s house…where another dog got into the yard with the Sheltie and killed him! Ralph is a very gentle, sensitive man and wanted only to have companionship and love in his home again. We introduced him to Tipper (formerly Zipper) and Copper (as well as a couple of others), who took to him immediately, like they knew he was meant to be their new daddy!

The adoption would have been finalized yesterday morning, but Tipper and Copper were playing hard, somebody must’ve said something antagonistic, and they squabbled. The end result was Tipper’s upper right canine sticking out the side of her mouth at about a 45 degree angle, so it was off to the vet’s for emergency dental surgery :( But she was all back to happy-girl this morning and the three of them took off for Oregon before noon.

Imagine that! Three pairs of Shelties adopted in less than a month!

Earlier in September, when we adopted Tacoma to a lovely family here in the Salt Lake valley, they decided they wanted to adopt Justice at the same time. Unfortunately, we’d just started to notice that Justice was sort of going bald on his sides, and we were worried about serious long-term medical problems, such as kidney failure, Cushing’s disease, or something. Turns out there’s nothing serious going on (although we’re not quite sure what is causing the hair loss yet), but we’re going to watch him a bit longer before making him available to that family or anybody else.

And, of course, we can’t forget that Gracie went to her new home in Idaho just a few days ago, too!

We’re actually down to 15 dogs today, and the house is so empty, so quiet!

On a much sadder note: We’re just about certain that tomorrow will be the day when Olivia crosses to the Bridge. She’s almost completely quit eating, and we’ve been giving her subcutaneous fluids to keep her from being completely dehydrated. Until very recently, her quality of life has been pretty good, in spite of hearing loss, near deafness, and obvious central nervous system deficiencies. But we think it’s not good enough any more and that she’s going to start suffering.

Worse, Alex has also nearly stopped eating, although he has eaten some today, which we’re hoping is a good sign. He’s lost so much weight that he’s not much more than skin and bones, and he’s starting to wobble when he walks. He’s obviously hungry, but nothing appeals to him for more than 2 or 3 bites, then it seems to nauseate him. It’s probably kidney failure, Barbara thinks. We’re hoping he turns around so he can be with us comfortably for a while longer, but it might be his time this weekend or early next week, too.

And then we’ll be down to 13, the fewest we’ve had in three or four years (we think).

My heart swells with joy at having recently placed seven Shelties and one Sheltie-something-mix with five families. But it’s breaking at the thought of losing two in such a short time.

On this day..

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5 comments to Sudden Surge of Adoptions

  • that makes me so sad that their are two shelties in your home have a hard time. That is just emotionally trying. So glad to hear about the adoptions…. and I think you guys were down to 12 this summer at one point ;)

  • Such good and bad news! I’m glad you were able to find so many wonderful families for so many wonderful dogs! I’m especially sad to hear about Alex, as I’ve had a secret crush on him for quite awhile. I’m glad Rogue found her forever family as well. She is such a pretty little girl! Doesn’t it make you proud to think that you have dog families spread all over the place!

  • So sorry to hear about Alex and Olivia. On the other hand…I’m thrilled to death to hear of all the new adoptions!

  • so because I was virtually fostering rouge on facebook, I got 250 points when she actually got adapted…. yeah me! NOw I just need 300 more points before someone gets a cup of food or something….. so if I am fostering once of your dogs will you get the donation?

  • eddiethegirl, I know nothing at all about this “virtually fostering…on facebook” that you mentioned. Is this done because of something we’ve made available on our blog or web site? Please tell me about it! Naturally, since I know nothing about this (or, arguably, about much else), I have no idea whether we get the donation or not. I am truly clueless!

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