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Who’s Happy? Ralph, Tippy, and Copper!

HPIM0752 retouched (Small)Ralph is a retired Coast Guard man who lives in Oregon. He had a very hard loss in August when his wife passed away. He’d been caring for her and their two Shelties, Jack and Jill. Ralph and his wife didn’t have human children…the Shelties are their kids. You can’t imagine what a soft, warm hearted man he is.

In September due to very tragic circumstances, Ralph lost both Shelties, Jack and Jill, on the same day. Broken hearted and alone, Ralph started looking for Shelties who needed him as much as he needed them. We were lucky enough to have this wonderful Sheltie-Dad contact us. He drove down from Oregon and met Tippy (previously Zipper and Tipper) and Copper. Ralph was hoping to adopt two Sheltie-kids…a girl and a boy and Tippy and Copper became very attached to him in no time at all.

HPIM0754-touched up (Small)

On the day they were all to leave to return to Oregon together, Tippy and Copper had a little tiff and one of Tippy’s canines got knocked badly enough that it was in the wrong orientation and had to be extracted. One emergency dental later and the very next day…Ralph, Tippy, and Copper rode off into some beautiful fall weather and arrived in Oregon safe and sound the next day.

Before they left we took these photos. I ask you…who’s happy? They all look really happy to us and we can tell you it was really wonderful to see that smile on Ralph’s face. He’s had more than his share of sadness lately. We love adoptions like these.

HPIM0753 retouched (Small)

Tippy’s previous family contacted us shortly after Ralph, Tippy, and Copper left for Oregon to ask how she was doing. We were able to tell her all about this wonderful adoption. We were very pleased to hear her say that the adoption was more than she ever hoped for, for Tippy…beyond what she imagined was possible. She was very happy to hear all the details of Tippy’s new life with Ralph and Copper.

Right now Ralph is busy teaching Tippy and Copper to use the doggie door. We hope to hear more about their progress soon. – Barbara

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