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Confidential Note to Blog-Spammers

I have a very good spam filter on this blog. In the two years the blog has been alive, only a single spam message has ever gotten through (and only a handful of non-spam messages have been filtered out). I review every message that the filter catches and approve the very few that are genuine replies.

You probably think you’re being clever by commenting something like "Nice pics of cute doggies", but your email address and web site URL are dead giveaways that all you’re doing is spamming. On a few few occasions, I take the time to delete the URL and then approve your comment, because it seems that you might have actually read the post and sincerely commented. Otherwise, you’re toast!

I’d say "quit wasting my time", but it takes virtually no resources from me to keep your spam out of this blog!

On this day..

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2 comments to Confidential Note to Blog-Spammers

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    Won’t work. Most spammers use ‘fake’ email addresses that will simply bounce back emails. They use redirectors, rotating IP addresses and lots of other tricks to avoid being caught and other legal repercussions. Nice thought, but wasted effort.

  • I know. I got one tonight asking how I got so many people to read my blog. But the URL was a commercial one, and besides, I don’t have that many people actually reading my blog! LOL!

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