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Another Newbie

I’m still traveling, so this will be very short.

Barbara told me that she got a call about a Sheltie and two Collies that had been left in a "lean-to" behind a house up in Heber (a town up in the high country behind the Wasatch Mountains in Utah). The people had apparently moved out of the house (I don’t know if it was voluntary or involuntary, such as eviction) and left the dogs.

According to Barbara, the Sheltie (whom she picked up and brought back to our home) had "metal stains" on his teeth, apparently from chewing on tin cans attempting to get nutrition out of them. I’ve been busy day and night (literally) and haven’t had much chance to get details, so I don’t know just how bad this dog’s condition is, but we’ll keep you posted. And, no, we don’t know a name, either!

On this day..

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