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Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?

I remain apologetic for the long gaps in blog posts, but life has taken on a, well, life of its own. My day job has gotten busier (short term, I hope) and Barbara has been having extremely severe computer problems, but we’re moving back towards "normal’ (whatever that is).

Anyway, I’m in jolly old England this week for a standards meeting, returning very late Saturday night. My Internet access will be sporadic because of the timezone difference and being trapped in a technical meeting all day every day. But I thought I should at least say something about how I left things on Friday when I headed for the airport.

First, we have yet another new pack member. We got a call from a shelter down in southern Utah about a Sheltie and examination of the photos they provided indicated that she was, indeed, a Sheltie. We gave Marie Lister a call and asked if she could pick the dog up and hold her until we could arrange transport to Sandy, which she did. Marie phoned us while driving back home, expressing some doubts about whether the dog was purebred Sheltie. After she got to us, we saw why Marie had doubts, because this average-sized bi-black girl has a slightly broad skull and horizontal-set ears, which gives her a bit of a Border Collie appearance. We’re pretty sure she’s purebred Sheltie, though, largely because of her behaviors. She’s very sweet and affectionate, and smart as a whip, curious and into everything! She was an owner turn-in and we were told that her name is "Dolly" (or at least pronounced like that), but we think we’ll spell her name "Dali" to make it more interesting…you know, the American pronunciation of the name of the Spanish impressionist, Dalí.

Today is Sunday and, according to what Barbara told me when I left for England, another Sheltie girl (un-spayed…sigh) is supposed to arrive today. I don’t know (or remember) anything else about her, but we’ll report later after she arrives.

In addition, a Collie, Penne Pasta, we placed some months ago with a family in Nevada is coming back. Penne and the family’s teenaged son were best buddies, but Penne had a bit of a problem with their very young daughter and was very unfriendly with the little girl. We got an anguished call from the family on (I think) Thursday of last week saying that Penne had to be gone immediately, so Barbara quickly arranged for a woman in a nearby city with whom we’ve worked previously to meet the family somewhere mutually convenient and take possession of Penne. Barbara’s already arranged transportation back to Sandy for Penne, but we’re now seeking a more appropriate home, one without very small children.

Imagine, only a couple of weeks ago, we were down to a mere 13 Shelties. And we’re now back up to, ummmmm, 18 or 19. To be honest, friends, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to handle the fact that Barbara and I are the primary foster care givers for SRU. We love having a bunch of Shelties around, but having 15 to 24 dogs all of the time, with very few exceptions, for a decade is taking its toll on our nerves, not to mention our house and our finances. Sigh…

Oh, before I close: On Friday, Barbara took our two 10 year old sisters (Ginger and Daisy), as well as Laddy, to have dentals. We hope that Ginger and Daisy will have fewer problems eating and perhaps improved health generally as a result. She also took our new, ancient girl Sage for a dental. Unfortunately, the vet rules that Sage’s white blood cell count was a bit too high, so Sage will stay at the vet’s over the weekend on intravenous antibiotics, hoping that she will have her dental on Monday. Fingers crossed for this poor girl!

On this day..

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2 comments to Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?

  • I have to agree with you about Dali’s behaviors. They are very much Sheltie. I think she’s adorable. Someone will have a lot of fun with her! I hope all the dentals and such on the senior dogs improves their overall health. It’s amazing how much those teeth affect the whole system.

    I take it from your comments that we haven’t had much response yet to finding new foster families. :-( I was really hoping that the ads that Barbara had taken out would have stimulated some new interest from the public.

  • Hello Sheltie Jim, You Done a very great work As you always done!Carry on~! The Success Waiting for you! Get the progress!byeeeee.

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