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Stevie Nicks is Making a Comeback!

It seems as though the typical rescue person has little or no empathy for those who can’t keep their animals. But being in rescue, at least for me, has changed that. I don’t see how I can cherish the Sheltie who needs help and not have similar feelings for those whose hearts are breaking as they turn their Shelties over to us. I don’t care how ignorant the situation might seem — most people who turn over their dogs to us are grieving over their loss…some terribly. There should be a place where they can find solace and support. My heart breaks for them.

CIMG0760 (2)

This is Stevie Nicks who was turned over to us by her puppy raisers, awhile back. I guess with the baby and law school, if I remember correctly, she needed more attention than they could give her. Stevie Nicks’ adopting family is now selling their home here in Utah and moving out of state. Life has changed for them and their hearts are breaking and they are overwhelmed with guilt.

CIMG0762 (2)

Below – this looks like a photo of Stevie Nicks and Evie interested in something over there…away from the camera.

CIMG0758 (2)

I can’t stop the pain of loss and end the grieving but I can lessen some of it. When people can see that their Sheltie is going somewhere that they’ll be loved, protected, and placed as though we were placing our own Sheltie, it brings them some relief. I can reassure people that I understand and empathize with their situation and that there’s no blame or shame. I do, because this is how I really feel. My girlfriend Julene thinks I’m too soft. I don’t agree but…that’s me. – Barbara

CIMG0759 (2)

CIMG0757 (2)

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2 comments to Stevie Nicks is Making a Comeback!

  • Barbara I have to say that I admire the way you are able to view people. Doing rescue often makes people jaded and pessimistic. Yet, you are able to maintain a positive and understanding attitude. It’s really commmendable!

  • Awwww Barbara…I’m so glad you can see it that way. I have another friend, in AZ who is doing rescue and she is becoming so angry by the things she sees. She just helped rescue multiple puppies from a puppy mill, so I can understand her feelings. I’m glad you are there to help. I wish I could figure out a way to get you more help yourself so that you guys don’t get overwhelmed. I know I would be devastated if I had to give Katie up (most days anyway!) and it would so help if I knew she was going to be with you while she found her new home. Thank you very much for saving at least some of the needy Shelties out there!

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