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Minor Updates

I have just a few minutes to spare right now, so I thought I’d muse a little bit.

Dali’s still here with us. The person who was going to come visit her found her charming, but hadn’t filled out an adoption application yet, so we couldn’t start any official paperwork. They still haven’t filled out the application as far as I know, so perhaps they weren’t sufficiently interested. Anyway, she remains charming, curious, and cuddly as all get-out.

Sage is really something. First, she’s definitely got herself a bit of attitude. It’s not easy to faze that girl, ancient though she might be. She staggers around the family room and kitchen, lying down on whatever takes her fancy, no matter who else thinks it might be theirs :) She seems to be hungry all of the time and loves it when I give her a little bite of my breakfast cereal or a pinch of a sandwich. Unfortunately, she hasn’t quite figured out how to notify us when she needs to go out to pee, so we’re cleaning up a few more puddles than we should. And she loves to be petted gently and snuggled!

Justice is out of the house as of tonight. Because we’re leaving a new petsitter in charge, Barbara’s been trying to reduce our numbers. Since Justice has been a little bit of a troublemaker recently (he really dislikes new boy Clint), Barbara called the people who adopted Tacoma back in September to see if they’d be willing to foster him while we’re gone. They were interested in Justice then, but that was when we noticed that his hair was falling out in strange patterns and we weren’t sure what was going on. They were delighted and picked him up this afternoon. Who knows? If they have a good time with him, perhaps an adoption might result after all!

Hmmm…a brief scan of the last several posts doesn’t reveal any mention of Scotty. Well, Scotty’s another new boy in the house. He arrived while I was in London, I think, as did Clint. Scotty’s really sweet and loves to sleep pressed against my leg, but he’s got a couple of eccentricities, one harmless and one a little annoying. Harmlessly, he kind of vaguely humps the air when he’s next to somebody he likes…such as me! Poor guy doesn’t understand why it’s happening. More annoying, though, is that he barks and spins when he is outside the sliding glass door out into the back yard, we think because he sees his reflection in the glass.

Poor Clint is a real basket case in some ways. He lived most of his life in a shed (see my first mention of him here ), so he has no clue about housetraining. Also, he was forced to scrounge food from nearby tin cans and the like, so his primary "toy" interests are things such as empty bottles and dog food bags. He compulsively marks around the house, although (thankfully) the quantities are measured in drops, not cups. He is showing some signs of knowing his name, but he’s not quite sure what it’s supposed to mean when we say it. And he cringes like he’s going to be killed if one reaches for him. Oh, and I got bit a number of times today when I tried to herd him into the house from outside…not at all bad bites, mostly bruises and one abrasion, but it illustrates just how frightened he gets.

My own little girl, Abby, has been acting like she’s not quite feeling up to par lately. We can’t put our fingers on it, but she seems to sleep a bit more than usual and is less enthusiastic about playing with the other guys. But then something happens and she’s back to normal for a day or so. I wish she was going to Florida with us so I could keep an eye on her (and I think she’d have loads of fun sailing with us).

Speaking of playing: Tommy has been getting more and more adventurous since he discovered what a great playmate Dali is for him. He wanders around the family room looking for her instead of hanging out in the kitchen, which is how he usually has been. She plays wonderfully with him, as though she completely understands his inability to see her or hear her, and he has the greatest time with her. Lately, she’s taught Peyton more about how to play and I’ve caught Peyton and Tommy playing together! This afternoon, Tommy, Peyton, Abby, and Dali were all four playing together and everybody treated Tommy just like one of the gang (excepting they would go to him instead of expecting him to chase them).

Well, on Tuesday morning, we’re off for Florida. We’ll return very late on December 23. We’re planning on doing a ton of work on the boat, including pulling the mast and rewiring it (and reinstalling it, of course), installing a single-sideband (ham) radio, and improving the bilge pump system, plus about 35 other projects. But we’re also planning to go out on about a 10-day sail down to southern Florida, possibly dropping in on an old friend of mine (actually, the woman who was the editor for most of the books I’ve published). We won’t have much Internet access while we’re gone, especially while out to sea, so it’s possible we won’t have a chance to blog until after our return.

Just in case…Happy Holidays to all of you!

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