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Sheltie Rescue Mall is back online

Gentlefriends, some of you may have noticed that the Sheltie Rescue Mall has been closed because of technical problems. The problem was pretty severe — all purchases made using PayPal were properly charged to the customer, and then the orders were simply erased…they vanished without a trace! It took some doing, but we have found and fixed the problem (which began as a result of a bug at PayPal itself ‘way back in October 2009, and was exacerbated by what we think must have been a hardware failure at our web store’s service provider followed by a recovery that restored some data inaccurately).

To celebrate the re-opening of Sheltie Rescue Mall, we are offering all our customers a 10% discount store-wide throughout the month of January 2010. The discounts will be applied automatically…no coupons required, no tricky clicking on some tiny box, just shop and save! (And believe me…Sheltie Rescue of Utah needs the money!)

On this day..

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