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Newly Arrived Shelties, Shelties for Adoption, and Abby's Moon Walk on Video!

Meet our new Sheltie kids here at Sheltie Rescue of Utah…they are Maggie with an elfish face, very cute, overweight, and six years old. We plan to get her blood work done as soon as possible to see if there’s a medical condition like hypothyroidism contributing to her overweight condition. She has a sweet and wonderful personality. She’s extremely lovable and would fit into many household environments. But because we want the best for Maggie she’ll only go to a home that can appreciate her needs and can spend time focused on addressing them. She probably needs a dental too.

Also meet Maxi, a small bi-black Sheltie that we believe is originally from Oregon, and is reported by his previous owners to bark a lot. He’s 2 1/2 years old and has a very pretty prancing gait and a very waggy tail. Today he’s getting neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm tested. We should have taken photos of the way he’d bare his teeth at us when he first arrived because he no longer does that. I’ll be interested to learn if he tries to convince the vet and his staff that he’s a dangerous Sheltie-boy!

We also have a very sweet, trained, 2 1/2 year old female named Chloe. The shelter mis-read the owner relinquishment form and thought her name was Cleo. She comes from the Carbon County shelter which is apparently swamped and is looking for help to avoid euthanizing, if possible. I heard that this very small shelter took in 10 dogs the day after Marci McIntosh took two, I took 1 (Chloe), and Jolene, who helps this shelter, I believe took another four. That’s seven dogs out and 10 more in…not great odds for a small animal shelter.

You can see all three of these new Sheltie kids in the video below as well as many others that are here with my usual rambling commentary on them. Whatever you do, don’t miss the part in the video where I tell Abby to stop humping Sienna and then, when she does, Abby does her famous moon walk! She’s got it going on! – Barbara

Sweet, Smart, and Sassy Shelties who Need Moms and Dads

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2 comments to Newly Arrived Shelties, Shelties for Adoption, and Abby’s Moon Walk on Video!

  • Love the videos Barbara! I think they are a great way to show off the available dogs, and Abby of course too.

  • OH MY! How many dogs do you have now! So many of them are precious. Actually ALL of them are precious. But that many would make me crazy! I don’t know how you do it. So much fun to see them though, I hope the video helps find some moms and dads for some of them!

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