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No More Sailing Stories Here!

Every time I write a post about our adventures with our sailboat, I feel guilty. After all, the purpose of SheltieTales is to talk about rescued Shelties and issues surrounding them. You’ve all been very nice about our sailing stories, but I’ve decided to do something about my guilt.

I’ve started a new blog that I hope at least some of you might be interested to check out: Dream SeQueL: Passport to Paradise. I’ve only just started populating it with posts, but I plan to add a lot to it over the coming weeks.


On this day..

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1 comment to No More Sailing Stories Here!

  • Jim, I don’t think that was any need to feel guilty about sharing your sailing adventures with us on this blog. I think it just showed us all a different side to you and Barbara’s life that you certainly are entitled to have. But…if it makes you feel better, then I’m all for a sailing blog too. LOL

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