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Peyton's Place...

…should be in a forever home!

Peyton is a really great Sheltie boy. He has a fitted mahogany sable and white coat that’s just a little bit “curly”. He isn’t the “in your face” kind of Sheltie that some people love and others don’t like so much. He loves being near us, but doesn’t climb up in our laps and wash our faces with his tongue. He’s a little more reserved, but not a shy guy.

Handsome boy Peyton

Peyton’s about four years old. He’s a little overweight, but he’s lost a pretty good bit since he came into our program. He’s naturally a bit barrel-chested, which I think makes him look distinguished.

His first family, who had him from when he was a puppy, told us that he had allergies. When he came to us, he had sores on his skin, and really raw places (open sores) on his front paws. They pretty much shaved the poor guy and were supposed to give him daily baths in a special shampoo, but that didn’t seem to help much.

Well, once Peyton came into Sheltie Rescue of Utah, we put him on an allergy diet, which immediately started producing good results. Over a very few weeks, the sores on his skin went away and the open sores on his paws started healing. The paws took a few more weeks, but they’ve completely healed and the scarring is hardly noticeable any more. We’ve been gradually weaning him off of the allergy diet and converting him to a regular, high-quality kibble. He’s doing great with it.

Peyton gets along very well with other dogs, although he can be unhappy at being around unneutered (or recently neutered) males. He plays with a few toys and has recently been bringing rope toys to me for tug-of-war and nylabone-type toys to throw for him to retrieve!

He is very loving with people whom he knows well, but he sometimes acts aggressive when strangers first show up. That’s his instinct to protect his family kicking in, but his fierce looks and barking haven’t translated into action. Nonetheless, we think Peyton will do better with adults and teenage-or-older children; smaller children and infants are probably not the right mix for this boy.

Check out Peyton’s photos and video on Sheltie Rescue of Utah’s web site.

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1 comment to Peyton’s Place…

  • Hey Sheltie Jim, thanks for the comment and the advice on my (one!!) Sheltie girl! How you give each of the shelties residing with you individual attention is beyond me! You do good work! Awww….Peyton…such a good boy. I hope he finds a forever home very soon.

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