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Nash the Bashful

When Nash came to us a few months ago from Boise, his name (if we understood the people who turned him over to us) was “Bashful” because he was “shy”. Well, we decided that a more respectful name was in order, so “Nash” he became.

Hopeful Sheltie-boy NashNash is, indeed, somewhat shy. This is caused in part by significant, but not total, hearing loss. He wasn’t very well socialized and was probably treated with less than complete kindness, ’cause he seems afraid of being hit. He loves to be given attention, and several months ago started coming over to us for pets and gentle cuddles. But he really doesn’t know how to deal with the love, and tends to run away half frightened after we’ve given him a scratch on the tushy or a quick hug.

He has a reputation among the other dogs in the house as bad-tempered, but we understand that he’s just afraid of being trampled by the other guys running around and that he wants to get more of our attention than he’ll get if the others are there. What this guy needs is his very own person, preferably somebody relatively quiet and (dare I say) not terribly active. He won’t do well at all with children and we think his adopters should be reasonably dog-savvy.

He has snapped at us if we try to pull him somewhere by his collar, but he walks very well on a leash. I’ve managed on occasion to pick him up in my arms (e.g., to carry him upstairs so he can sleep in the bedroom with us), but that makes him pretty uncomfortable. On the other hand, I’ve had him up on the couch with me and he really seems to enjoy it.

He is in pretty good health for an 8 or 9 year old with no known diseases. He’s a lovely dark mahogany sable with very pretty eyes and kinda short prick ears. In many ways, he’s very sweet and he wants to be loved and to give love in return. But it’s going to take somebody who is really willing to spend time with him before he’s able to fully trust people. But, when he wags his tail at me hopefully, I just melt. You will, too…

If you think you might be able to give Nash that forever home that he needs and deserves, please visit us at our adoption web site and fill out an adoption application. We’d love to work with you!

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