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Beam Me Up, Scotty!

We haven’t previously blogged about a recent addition to the SRU pack, Scotty. This very cute sable and white boy is somewhat oversized…about 18″ or thereabouts…but he may be the lightest Sheltie I’ve ever picked up! If he weighs 15 pounds, I’d be surprised. And the funny thing is that he doesn’t seem at all unhealthily skinny. He’s just a very slim fella!

Smart, Sweet Scotty

Scotty does have a couple of peculiarities (don’t we all?), including a tendency to bark when we close a door or baby gate with him on the other side. At first, we thought he might be reacting to seeing his reflection in a glass door, but we now think he’s objecting to not being with both of us together. Like many Shelties, he does bark more than we might wish, but he’s not one of those nothing-will-quiet-’em-down Shelties. When we ask him to be quiet, he usually listens pretty quickly.

Scotty might not be able to operate the transporter room on the Starship Enterprise, but he’s pretty good at “Sit” and “Give me your paw” and has “Come here” nailed down tight. He’s a very smart guy and super sweet, although he doesn’t seem to want to lie in our laps on the couch. (But I’ll tell ya this: He loves sleeping in the bed next to me!) He plays well with the other dogs, gets along well with people, will probably do fine with children, has no problem with our cat, and enjoys his toys.
Scotty Head Shot

Some lucky family is going to be extremely happy when they discover Scotty and give him the forever home that he deserves! If you’d like to meet Scotty, or if you know somebody who might be just right for this wonderful guy, our adoption application is easy to find at our adoption web site.

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3 comments to Beam Me Up, Scotty!

  • Man he’s a pretty guy! Very good thing I don’t live close by. I’d soon be over run…Sending $ shortly. Feeling guilty about the $ I spend on ONE Sheltie girl!

  • Dawn, your comment included “Sending $ shortly”. While I never turn down a donation to rescue, I gotta say that you’ve most certainly done your share for us! Considering your current employment situation, I’d hate to think that you’re over-extending your generosity! But I really appreciate your thinking of us!!!

  • Not a problem SheltieJim…what I send you is just stuff I don’t spend on something else not nearly as important as the work you are doing. It’s not as if we’re not eating! And the mortgage gets paid. And Katie gets to go to school. So as long as the important stuff is handled…well, then I can send you a little bit as well! :)

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