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Pictures of New(ish) Kids

OK, I’m sitting at my desk and just happen to have my camera sitting near me. That’s rare enough that I should take advantage of it and show you what some of the new (or new-ish) kids look like.

Here’s a head shot of Sage, that poor girl whom we weren’t sure whether she’d last the first night she was with us. Sage in her new coatWell, she’s doing pretty well, I’m pleased to say. She loves wearing her coat, which keeps her warm, but she’s a sloppy drinker (which is why her ruff looks straggly).

Max is very alert...check his ears!And here’s a shot of new boy Max. It seems very difficult to me to take a usable photo of a black (in this case, bi-black) dog. Some people can do it, but I’m not one of them. Forgive the Photoshopping and consequent distortion of his coloring, but that’s the best I could do in order to make him actually visible!

And here’s a picture of Maggie, who is (as you can see) significantly overweight. But she’s very sweet, although a little shy about asking for attention, and she snores very cutely when she’s curled up in her little bed at night. Elfin-faced Maggie

Some time back, we believed that Stevie Nicks, a lovely (but Collie-sized) Sheltie we placed a couple of years ago, was coming back to us. For a while, it looked like that wouldn’t happen, but we got the bad news a couple of days ago when our very own Marie Lister called us to say that she’d just seen Stevie listed on! Barbara immediately called to remind Stevie’s dad that the adoption contract required that Stevie be returned to Sheltie Rescue of Utah, which he was delighted to do…along with her terrier “sister”, Jill, because he wanted them to be placed together into a new home. Well, they arrived today. Stevie is as sweet and smiley as always, if a bit more mature, and 2-year-old Jill is, well, a terrier of some sort and a real sweetheart. Stevie Nicks with her big smile

Jill with a slightly deranged (actually, anxious) smile

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3 comments to Pictures of New(ish) Kids

  • It’s nice that you were able to get ahold of Stevie’s adopter, and that she and Jill are in good hands now. Jill reminds me so much of our scruffy girl Penny. Also nice to see that Sage is doing well, she must be a pretty tough old girl. LOL I hope some great adopters start coming in soon to match the numbers of dogs coming in. It really just seems to be a never ending supply.

  • My ex stole my sheltie from me 3 years ago and Im still looking for her.  Her name is Sage and she would be almost 7 years old.  She is microchipped and I have her ckc papers, vet records, puppy pics etc.  Can you check and see if your Sage is actually my Sage by scanning for a microchip please?? I cry almost everyday, I miss her sooooo much!  Please…thank you.

  • Sari, I’m very sorry to say that our Sage was definitely NOT your Sage. First of all, when she arrived here, she was at least 11 or 12 and was not microchipped (we scan, with a universal scanner, every dog that comes into our program). In addition, our Sage died not very long after this posting was published in January 2010.

    I’m so, so sorry about your very sad situation, and I wish you the very best in your efforts to locate your darling Sage!

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