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Unexpected Arrival

I’ve only got a few seconds, but I thought I’d let y’all know that we got a phone call this morning about a Sheltie girl up in Burley, ID, whose owner had died. The poor dog was living in a dog house outside and had been forgotten after the owner died! Miraculously, transportation was arranged today and I just finished picking her up from the transporter and she’s in the house getting warm for the first time in weeks. She’s a little overweight, but not ridiculously so. She’s a dark mahogany sable and might actually be named “Sable”…at least that’s what she was being called by the people who contacted us to see if we could take her  in. No clue yet about her personality, partly because she’s still a little scared and overwhelmed.

More as we learn more.

“…and then there were 18…”

On this day..

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6 comments to Unexpected Arrival

  • Oh POOR THING! Thank goodness someone eventually thought about her! I’m sure this is all overwhelming for her. I’m so glad she’s with you. You are the best thing that’s happened to her, possibly ever. She just doesn’t realize yet.

  • Kim and Dan

    OMG!! Shelties aren’t supposed to live outside! Thank you to the people that remembered her, and thank you, SRU, for taking her in. Now she is safe and warm, and fed, and loved. You are GREAT.

  • Lori

    I have been searching for a sheltie to rescue/adopt for months. We might possibly be interested in the shelite girl in Burley Idaho. Please contact me at this email address. Thank you.

  • Wireless Dog Fence

    You are very kind hearted…Saving a dog is a very good things to do and you must very proud of what you do…Me and my BF too are helping to save some animal in a certain animal welfare called PAWS…

  • I hope she’s settling in nicely. I also hope this is the end of what seems like a real intake streak. :-( Would be great to have the adoptors coming in faster than the dogs for once.

  • cindy c

    That is so upsetting but not uncommon. When my step-grandfather was alive none of his neighbors knew that he had a little dog with puppies in the back room of his house. He had a stroke and was transported to the hospital where he died a couple of days later. As he lived alone the funeral was arranged and held and it was probaly 8 more days before my aunt went to his home to clean and ready the home for sale. She was the one who found the mamma and 3 babies dead in the box, the poor little things had probaly died of thirst. Don’t know if there is a moral to the story but dogs do get over looked unintentionally sometimes.

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