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One In, One Out

This morning, one of the Shelties we were expecting (see Here They Come. Again.) arrived. His name is Sparky…kind of a strange name for a Sheltie, but hardly the strangest we’ve ever had. But he was a major surprise when he came into the house. He doesn’t set a record for weight in our program, and he is tallish and (genuinely) heavy-boned, but at 65 pounds he’s a moose. Just to add a little excitement to the mix, he’s been living mostly in the garage and they marked his relinquishment form “Not housebroken”! Oh, joy.

Big Boy Sparky

Well, we’ve managed to get to know him a little bit today (he only has to compete with 20 other Shelties for attention). And I’m happy to say that he’s a real sweetheart, really wants to fit in and do the right thing, and — aside from marking once in the dog’s food room that Barbara mentioned to me — seems happy to go potty outside. He comes when called, mostly, and he’s already wagging his tail and trying to make friends with some of the other dogs in the house. But he is nearly a weight emergency, and his front paws have been mashed almost flat by his weight. Plus his nails are in desparate need of clipping…his rear dewclaws have formed a full circle already!

On the outbound side of the equation, relatively new girl Chloë was adopted this evening. A family with a 14 year old girl had applied to adopt her after they saw her in the video that Barbara recently posted and today was their appointment day. Mom, dad, and two sisters came over and they really fell in love with Chloë immediately. The feeling was apparently mutual, as  Chloë could barely be persuaded to get out of the girls’ laps. Better yet, the parents said that their adult-but-living-at-home boys were interested in adopting Max, so we introduced them to that guy as well. They’ll phone to make another appointement, wisely deciding that one adoption at a time was probably best.

Chloe and her new family

So, we still have 20 dogs in the house, but we’re up by about 30 pounds! I’ll post a photo of Sparky later on, but I’m very tired and we’re going to watch a DVD (well, a BD, but who knows that means “Blu-ray Disc”) tonight. Terminator Salvation, here I come!

On this day..

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3 comments to One In, One Out

  • Yay for Chloe! She looks very content. I hope things work out for an adoption for Max too. :-) Sparky looks like a cutie, you’d never guess from that picture that he was 65 lbs. That’s huge!

  • Roger Biskach

    I am saddened by so very much of what I hear about how animals are being treated. We have to take care of them. Somebody I know produced a web site to try to inform about puppy mills in his region. Every little act assists.

  • Roger, I approved your comment even though your email address looked a little suspicious. I should point out that I deleted the web address that you associated with your comment, though, because the site to which it linked has a fairly prominent link to a site belonging to HSUS, the so-called “Humane Society” of the United States. While the web address you provided linked to a site whose purpose seemed to be to document busts of so-called “puppy mills” and appeared to be genuinely concerned with the issue of animal cruelty, that’s not what HSUS is about.

    HSUS’s goal (it used to be stated openly, but recent revelations have caused them to be slightly more circumspect about this) is to eliminate all pets completely. They have no interest in humane treatment of animals. Their only interest is to have no treatment of animals at all, to completely eliminate any relationship between humans and other animals.

    And I oppose HSUS and its goals with the greatest of fervence. So I cannot, in good conscience, provide even an indirect link to one of their sites without a thorough disclaimer.

    But thanks for your own comment here.

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