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Mustafa Gets a Bath!


A wonderfully sweet and loving Collie came to us from the SUVAS (Southern Utah Valley Animal Shelter) when they picked him up as a stray, found his microchip, and his family declined to pick him up and told them to euthanize him instead. (How awful!)

Thanks to some very supportive volunteers, Sharl and Alan Karpf, Mustafa was picked up on a Saturday before the shelter closed at 2:00pm. They were thrilled to hand him over to a rescue knowing his life would take a major turn for the better.



By the time Sharl and Alan had driven the 45 minutes with Mustafa in the car they’d decided they were going to foster him. He’s that easy to fall in love with. We were very grateful for their help and they continuedHPIM0870 to enjoy and fall in love with this gentle boy. Sharl and Alan put in a lot of time brushing out and trimming, as needed, the very big, bushy, matted coat that Mustafa arrived with — and did a phenomal job. When we saw him next he looked like the handsome Collie he really is. Before it went too much further, we found Mustafa a probable adopting home. However, we wanted to bathe him before he went there. So Alan and Sharl brought him to our house both for a bath and to meet his new Mama…a woman named Joy, retired and alone, who dreamed of having a Collie companion one day.

Joy was over-joyed to meet Mustafa and he took to her just like he takes to everyone…with love, trust, and gentleness. Jim felt that Mustafa knew exactly what was going on and that he was happy about it. We can’t wait to hear how they’re doing later today. Guess which tired people forgot to get a photo of the happy pair before they left our house? Pooh! – Barbara

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