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Help Me Name the New Blue Sheltie-Girl…Please?

Yesterday, the same day Jim left for the Netherlands, some dogs that were pulled from a puppy mill auction in Missouri, arrived here in Utah with the rescue group that decided to make HPIM0872this run. They had called us on Monday to ask if we’d take two Shelties…and we said yes. Tuesday we got the call that the dogs were here and there was just one Sheltie.






Kevin and Julene Mathews (Julene is President of our Utah Shetland Sheepdog Club and Mathew is a doll…always ready to help.) arranged to pick up this little girl from Tenderhearted Techs where the dogs were located, and bring her to me. When Kevin handed her to me he said he was almost too in love to leave her with me.

She’s really a tiny thing. Yesterday she was exhausted…I kHPIM0877now because she was much easier to handle yesterday. Today, she’s letting me know that she isn’t too sure if I’m really trustworthy yet. We’re working on that. Also…she stinks so badly that a bath isn’t going to be far off. (I need one too, actually!)

I expected that she was pretty stressed during her long journey, moving from whatever puppy mill she started off in, to the auction site, and then here to Utah. To help her, I used some medications and special foods to ease her into life here without the discomfort of a stomach upset or diarrhea on top of everything else. Even though she’s unlikely to need an anti-acid over the long term, I gave her 1/2 of a 10mg famotidine with her dinner last night. In addition, her dinner consisted of Iams Easy-to-Digest veterinary formula (have to buy it at a vet’s office) mixed with Royal Canin Aging Care 27 which is both highly palatible and highly digestable. This little girl is definitely not a senior but I’ve learned to use some senior kibbles and canned foods to help younger dogs maintain a healthy digestive system.


She needs a name and between yesterday and this morning I haven’t come up with one so I’m reaching out to all of you for help. Hopefully the photos will help a little. We don’t yet know what kind of personality we have but she’s not terribly scared and ………………………………………… HPIM0873 I wouldn’t be surprised if she warms up quickly. She’s not frightened of the other dogs and almost started to play already, with Jill (next blog post will have Jill). Please share your ideas for what to name her…please? Thanks for your help! – Barbara

On this day..

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9 comments to Help Me Name the New Blue Sheltie-Girl…Please?

  • Do you have a Gracie already?

  • BluvsJ

    Hi Dawn,

    Yes…we’ve had a couple of Gracie’s although it is a lovely name that I like too. I don’t understand why that post, ‘On this day…’ popped up at the end of my post. Another thing…see that advertisement box at the top center of this page? How do I move that into a sidebar…anybody know? Thanks! – Barbara

  • hmmm…I’m terrible at coming up with names. Maybe Belle. Although that could sound pretty similar to Jill when you’re calling the different dogs. She’s a cutie. I love the Blues.

  • ok…let’s see. how about Margie? or Misty? She’s sort of like gray mist…

    Dixie? Roxy?

  • Alan

    How about Rover or Fido. Just kidding.

  • Kim and Dan

    How about Fawn? Just because she is such a tiny little girl (gorgeous too by the way).

  • sunmist

    How ’bout “Mystique”? Kind of goes along with the “misty” idea, but a little more mysterious…..

  • Hey, you guys, what a great bunch of suggestions for names! However, while I was thinking about a name for her myself, the relative intensity of her blue coat color kept catching my attention, so I suggested to Barbara that we call her “Violet”. Barbara agreed to try it out, and this adorable tiny Sheltie took to the name immediately! In just a day or two, she was responding to her new name.

    In other blog posts, we’ve talked about Simone, a bi-black dog who came to us some years ago from a puppy mill situation. Well, we think that Violet is almost certainly related to Simone. She has the same head shape, the same look in her eyes (although not nearly as shy and uncertain), and the same way of carrying her body. It’s possible that Violet is actually Simone’s daughter or grand-daughter, or neice or something fairly close.

  • Herb Blacker

    How about Gabrielle? She looks like a delicate French mademoiselle to me.

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