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One of These Is Not Like the Others…


Probably the youngest kid in the house these days is the one that’s not like the others, little girl, Jill. We think she’s a mix of a Cairn and Wheaton Terrier but we’re not sure. If anyone has another thought for us, please let us know.

Jill is a sweetheart who LOVES to cuddle and LOVES to kiss more than you really want to be kissed. But she can be persuaded to stop. You just have to be firm and tell her more than once. She’s VERY resillient – a trait that will serve her well because she continues to think that all surfaces are available for her to walk on. She used to think our coffee table was a handy bridge to get to the other side of the room. Backs of couches are another type of walkway or bridge for this little girl. She has a good appetite and is not picky. She arrived with a little bit of an upset tummy so we wormed her and she’s still on metronidazole – an intestinal antibiotic that doesn’t upset their stomachs but will work wonders if there’s any kind of bacterial overgrowth going on. This is a fairly common event in the life of most dogs but many of them will get over it on their own. I choose to aid them in getting over it. It avoids late night awakenings to go potty and additional clean-ups.


Jill really has a great personality…loves people, wants very badly to play with other dogs, and has even worked out some games with deaf and blind Tommy. Although Jill, being the youngest, usually wants to play far more than most of the other dogs here.

On this day..

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4 comments to One of These Is Not Like the Others…

  • That’s funny that you mentioned that Sesame Street song. That what our friend sings to our old girl Penny. What’s even more odd is that Penny looks so much like Jill. I showed Randy the pictures and he couldn’t get over the resemblance. I’m a sucker for a scruffy face, even though the Shelties are my favorite. :-) As for the inventive use of furniture for walkways, maybe she’s been talking to Layla.

  • BluvsJ

    Very good, Marie! I’d actually forgotten that I’d heard that line on Sesame Street in the song by the same name. They had such great characters…the Count was one of my favorites when he counted numbers.

    Is it just me or does it seem kind of cumbersome to have to click on the post title in order to get the “Leave a Reply” box? Is that the way comments usually work? Also, how do you get the smiley face in your comment?

    Yeah…the scruffy face is very cute. And Jill’s personality is very cute too. She’s a good girl until she gets her own idea. To be honest, even then if you let her know you’re serious, she responds. She’s GREAT to cuddle with. – Barbara

  • Hmmm…I think I just had to click on the “2 woofs” icon to get to the comment portion. As for the smiley face, you just type a colon then a dash and then a parentheses. Comes up a smiley face. :-)

  • living room furniture

    I showed Randy the pictures and he couldn’t get over the resemblance. I’m a sucker for a scruffy face, even though the Shelties are my favorite.

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