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Are You Guys Seeing Ads in That Adbrite Box Ever?

The funniest thing is happening. I keep checking to see if an ad is showing in that Adbrite box which I still haven’t worked out how to move. Even though I may not see an ad in the box, on the home page of this blog site, sometimes when I flip to another page, like the Add New Post page, I have seen an ad or two. One for weight loss and one for online casinos…very dog related, huh? There’s a place where I can review, accept, or reject ads but it’s not showing anything for me to review. Also, the Adbrite site says we’ve earned .04cents in the last week. Yeah! – Barbara

On this day..

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3 comments to Are You Guys Seeing Ads in That Adbrite Box Ever?

  • Dawn

    Well right now it’s telling me I can get ripped abs….and then it switched to…

  • I’m seeing the get ripped abs ad too…

  • We’ve gotten rid of the ad box at the top of the page (which you already know if you’re reading this) and created a new ad box in the right column (fairly far down). That was only 20 minutes or so ago, so the ads aren’t displaying yet, but they should start doing so soon. We’re going to monitor them pretty carefully so we can tell them to avoid displaying ads that are really irrelevant or even offensive (for example, we told them tonight to use “family-friendly” ads only).

    On another subject, over the last few days (roughly since the AdBrite ads were added), our RSS subscriber count has plumeted from about 32 readers down to only 9 — is it possible that we offended that many people? Sigh…

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