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Jenny Craig for Shelties? Weight Watchers for Woofs?

These are two sweethearts, Sparky on the left and Maggie on the right both of whom need to lose quite a bit of weight. Maggie may not look like she’s morbidly obese in this photo but she is. She arrived like this just a couple of weeks ago. In addition, her coat was REALLY dry and felt like straw. Her skin was also very dry and flakey. Her coat on her back was shorter than it should be as though it was breaking or at least not growing. The best possibility was that this was all due to hypothyroidism — so this is what we hoped for. I have her the two weeks to see if a moderate diet (50% regular kibble and 50% diet kibble, my favorite diet kibble is Hills Prescription r/d) would show any results. I also added in omega 3 fatty acids to see if that would have an noticeable impact on her dry skin.

A sadder but also fairly probable diagnosis, given the symptoms we saw, might have been Cushings disease.


Sparky, our big boy on the left, is very big-boned (yes, I know, that’s what I tell people about myself when they mention the need to lose weight) but Sparky really is big-boned. He absolutely must lose weight and I believe he too is morbidly obese. While I will do a blood panel with a thyroid test in the near future, I believe that his condition is due purely to being overfed. His coat has a very nice feel to it and there’s no indication of an underlying condition as there is with Maggie.

I caught Sparky doing something really cute with another new girl here, Sable. Sable, I was told, had been bred a lot. I’m not sure of her age though I’d guess around 7 or 8 years old. Her owner must have had a dental done on her within the last year because her teeth are iHPIM0880n excellent shape.

Anyway, Sable is still a bit apprehensive about us and a bit about the other dogs also. Sparky is just a sweet, gentle giant. He was making “eyes” at Sable, doing a little dance around her, while all the while Sable is lifting her lip and baring her teeth at him. Sparky either didn’t notice or didn’t buy her aggressive posturing because the next moment he was licking her ear! And Sable is still baring her teeth! About then Sparky stopped and walked away. I’m sure this is the first chapter of many encounters they’ll have especially if Sable isn’t spayed…which I’m not sure about.

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1 comment to Jenny Craig for Shelties? Weight Watchers for Woofs?

  • Ugh! I just hate seeing dogs that are so overweight. I mean I know that people are just trying to be kind to their dogs, but it’s really so aweful for them to be that overweight. Too bad people don’t realize it. I hope these two start to slim down soon.

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