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Renewing the Practice of Blogging for Money

No, it’s not as bad as the title of this post sounds. At least we don’t believe it’s that bad.

A long time ago, we signed up with a couple of services that would pay us to write blog posts about particular advertisers. In return we made a few bucks (ranging from a dollar or so to include a link in an otherwise ordinary post to as much as $10 or $12 for a post dedicated to a particular advertised product or web site). One unfortunate result of this practice was that our Google page rank went from 5 to 3 and then to 0…from which it has never recovered.

I’ve decided that I no longer care about Google and its limitations and prohibitions against this practice. We are always desperate for income to support Sheltie Rescue, and we’ve decided that we absolutely must take advantage of every honest source of income we can find. And that includes blogging for money.

Much of the time, all you’ll see is a word or two or three in a post that is/are highlighted so that you can click on them and be taken elsewhere. Usually, we don’t get paid unless somebody clicks on these links. If you think there’s even a modest chance that you might be interested in what’s behind the link, please click on it and check it out. You’ll be helping Sheltie Rescue a tiny bit for very little effort on your part. In a few cases, it’s possible that we might get more money if you happen to end up buying something as a result of clicking through one of those links, but you should consider buying something only if it’s truly of interest to you — do not start buying a bunch of stuff in which you have no interest just on the chance we might get revenue from it. We’d rather you just send us a donation :)

Some of the time, we’ll spend an entire post talking about a product, a service, or a web site for which we’re being compensated. Such posts will be quite obvious upon reading them. In those cases, we will always be completely honest in what we say and you should never feel obligated to dig any deeper unless you truly find it interesting. We don’t get paid any more for you clicking through than we do simply for writing the post.

We hope that our readers do not find this too awfully objectionable, because we never want to offend you. While we need the income, and feel that this is an acceptable way to earn it, we care far more about you and your support of Sheltie Rescue. If you are truly offended by our blogging for money, please tell us and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Thanks for your support!

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