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Maizy is Back and May Already Have a Daddy!


Maizy is a three year old girl who was owned by a couple that was getting ready to embark on retirement travel and could no longer keep their Sheltie-girl. Maizy came to us in September of 2009. She was quickly taken in as a foster with a high probability of adoption by a Spanish Fork woman who fell head over heels for her. You can see why…Maizy is very cute, very pretty, and is full of personality. The adoption was about to be completed in late November when Jim and I took off for Florida. The adoption went on hold. I just talked with Kim, Maizy’s foster Mom, and she’s getting married in May, and moving to Texas, and won’t be able to take Maizy with her. Kim’s excited about getting married but sad to leave Spanish Fork, her job, and Maizy. So Maizy is back!

We have a very sweet Sheltie-lover in Nevada named Mark who has been referred to us by Dixie Eigenrauch with Sheltie Rescue in Nevada. Nevada tends to have adopters and few Shelties.


One of Mark’s Shelties passed away recently and he’s been waiting for another one to come along that he can adopt. Mark really wants a female. His current Sheltie is very, very mellow which we think makes her a good match for Maizy, who likes to tell everyone, especially other dogs, what to do! Mark’s day off is Monday and he’s thinking of driving out here on Monday to meet and possibly adopt Maizy.

I apologize for the radioactive eyes on Kim and Maizy. I think you can still see how cute Maizy is (Kim is cute too!).


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