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We Are In Shock! Seriously!!

Long-time readers of this blog will perhaps recall reading about a special little Sheltie girl, Evie, and her wonderful forever family. A few posts about Evie can be found here, here, here, here, and especially here. Evie’s mom has been incredibly generous with and supportive of Sheltie Rescue of Utah. Not only is she very, very happy to have little Evie girl in her life, she really believes in our mission. Several times in the past, she’s made generous donations directly to us or by paying off a bit of our vet bills.

Well, we got a card in today’s mail from Evie’s mom, which is always nice. Barbara was showing Rachael (our new Sheltie Rescue volunteer/intern) the stamp that was on the envelope. Evie’s mom had some stamps custom-made with a drawing she made of the Sheltie she had before Evie and we love her work, so it’s always nice to get a card with one of those stamps on it.

When Barbara opened the card, she nearly fell off the bench onto the floor. Inside was a check for…hang onto your hats, folks…ten thousand dollars! No, that’s not a typographical error. $10,000. And the message was simply “For your vet bill”. OMG!

Needless to say, we immediately phoned her to give her our fervent thanks. She told us that they’re retiring and sold their company, and had always intended to make a substantial donation when that happened. And it did. And they did. And we are practically in a state of shock.

Barbara and Jim are in shock at the generous donation from Evie's mom!

While that doesn’t completely pay off the vet bill, it brings it down to lower 4-digit range (a “mere” three thousand dollars or so) and makes me think that we might actually be able to pay it off one day.

On this day..

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