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Am I Sheltie or Collie Enough for Sheltie Rescue?


This past weekend we had a visit when Christy brought the possible Collie or over-sized Sheltie named Tip, in from Vernal.

Christy was visiting her sister in Midvale. Once I heard that she was coming to Midvale, I told her that if she wanted us to take a closer look at Tip, we would, but couldn’t commit to taking him into our program unless he was Collie-enough or Sheltie-enough for our typical adopters.

So we were lucky enough to get a visit with this 8 year old, overweight, (108lbs, I think) cutie who really looks like a mix with a Bernese Mountain Dog and I don’t know what else. Either way, he’s a very sweet boy who deserves to live out the golden years of his life with love and comfort.

I hadn’t realized that the photo caught Tip’s pink tongue sticking out of his mouth.

After consulting with Sheltie Rescue Board members and others, we concluded that despite being very deserving, Tip just doesn’t fit with what we do.

One of the hardest things to do in rescue is to leave an animal in need, behind. It weighs on me. I can see, in my mind, faces of dogs and cats that I’ve seen on euthanasia lists. They all deserved our help and love. The last days of their lives spent in a shelter…I can’t stand to think of it, but it’s their reality, and we all must live with an awareness of that if we’re to change it. – Barbara













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