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Hampton Has a New Home But No Green Eggs and Ham AND 2 Microchips

Hampton is an older Sheltie boy who was acquired by his owners as a puppy, before they had any children. They spent a lot of time with Hampton teaching him lots of tricks including counting from 1 to 10. They demonstrated some of these tricks last night when we went to their home to pick up Hampton.

Sadly, Hampton wasn’t adjusting well to the clamor and high activity level of their two sons who have been joined by a newborn son. Hampton’s Mom and Dad had brought in trainers to try to help them shape more appropriate behavior rather than continuing to worry over Hampton’s over-excited reactions to high levels of activity and noise.

Hampton had, in a few incidents over several years, bit a nanny and one or both of the children. The over-excited reaction of Hampton to certain activities persisted and they made the sad decision that he needed a quieter household.


So we worked with Hampton’s Mom and Dad to prepare him for a new home that would be quieter, with a retired woman named Donna, who you can see in this photo. Donna was still mourning the loss of Sultan, a beautiful Sheltie boy that she’d owned and lost to illness just a short while ago.

In this first photo,Donna’s sitting on the couch with her son, Kenny, who lives next door. Next to Donna is Hampton who took to her very quickly. Look at the smile on Hampton’s face! Part of the reason for that smile is that Kenny, Donna, and my husband, Jim, were playing fetch with Hampton who was very eagerly getting familiar with the home while fetching his very own, familiar, ball.


This is a close-up (VERY close) of Hampton’s face that Jim got when he was trying to snap the photo the instant that Hampton caught the ball (digital cameras don’t do that so well). What I like about this photo even though it’s fuzzy is that you can see the little characteristics that show that Hampton is an older boy. He’s very sweet, very handsome as you can tell by these photos, and so very, very smart.

Hampton now has a choice of his own familiar big pillow bed and the pillow bed that Donna had ready for him. Lucky boy!

Another activity that Hampton enjoyed last night with Donna was munching on a few of his Old Mother Hubbard dog treats. (No, this isn’t an advertisement or something we’ll get income for mentioning though I wish it were!)HPIM0904

Hampton is at an excellent weight and having just had his blood panel plus thyroid done and having just had a dental, is in excellent health. We’ve had the don’t-let-Hampton-put-on-any-excess-weight-or-else talk. (I could get on a soap box here but won’t.)

In case you’re wondering where Donna and Hampton are looking…in this photo both are watching where the ball is being thrown instead of looking at the camera.

In the meantime our crew was at home probably barking and protesting being temporarily in crates (you can’t let all those Shelties roam the house — they’re just too good at making up things to do on their own!) HPIM0901

We took care of all of our paper work and then scanned Hampton for a microchip. He definitely had one but guess what? It was encrypted so we couldn’t read the model/manufacturer or the number even with our cadillac model Universal Microchip scanner from Crystal Corporation. We decided that if WE couldn’t read the chip number it was very possible that shelters, police, and animal controls might not either so we chipped him with one of our 24PetWatch microchips. This was the first time we’ve run into this issue of an encrypted microchip and what to do about it. We’ll have to give this more thought.

On this day..

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