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Being a Corporation

OK, we knew that it wasn’t going to be easy when Sheltie Rescue of Utah incorporated. After all, there are corporate-type responsibilities about which we really know rather little, but we figured we’re pretty smart people (hmmm…shouldn’t running a rescue have been the first sign that we’re not so smart after all?) and could figure it all out.

We haven’t done nearly as well as we might have hoped, in no small part due to the following points:

  • We’re not exactly corporate types or management (never mind executive) types
  • I’ve got a day job that would kill three normal people
  • Barbara’s got to take care of anywhere from one dozen to two dozen Shelties, feeding them, giving meds, taking them to the vet, cleaning up after them, finding new homes, doing adoptions, accepting relinquishments, etc.
  • Our fellow Board of Director members share those preceding characteristics to greater or lesser degrees

Well, it’s been clear for a long time that our record keeping (specifically, our bookkeeping) hasn’t been exactly world class. So Barbara purchased (through Tech Soup, a company that gets software products at incredible discounts for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizaitons) a copy of QuickBooks Premiere for NonProfits. And she’s been heads-down for a number of days installing the product, reading multiple books written to help with its use, experimenting with it, and so forth. She finally got me to pay a little attention early this week and I’ve spent a bit of time playing with it, too.

I think (and I’m fairly certain that Barbara agrees with me) we understand the product — and ultra-basic accounting — well enough at this point that we can actually start entering our data and producing reports. This is kinda “just in time” bookkeeping, too, because it’s tax season! We’ve got a scary-sized pile of receipts and other data to enter over the next couple of weeks…and we’ve got to do it while getting ready to go to the 2010 ASSA National in Tucson (we drive away on Wednesday or Thursday, March 10 or 11), including getting our 2010 products manufactured.

Any readers who live fairly close by feel like coming over and entering receipts into QuickBooks? Just send us email or phone us!

On this day..

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1 comment to Being a Corporation

  • You need help. Any chance of getting a (free) intern from a local community college or university (or even maybe a high school??) to do some of this for you in return for “work experience” that everyone needs for their resume?

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