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Did You Say Spay or Spa?

Wednesday, little Violet went to Salt Lake Spay and Neuter to get spayed. I had a little difficulty taking her because it seemed like I was playing a trick on her…spending the days since she came to us getting her to trust me and then taking her for a big procedure like this.

On the way over in the car she was sitting on the floor of the passenger front seat. At first she was anxious. I talked to her and reached over to her at every red light to pet her. As we drove, she slowly, slowly inched her way closer to me so I could more easily, and more often, pet her.

When we got there I carried her inside. Poor thing also got a dental, vaccines, and blood work. Here she is arriving for her appointment. It was about 7:30am and we were both still asleep. The really nice staff at Spay and Neuter took one look at Violet and fell in love! Usually I bring the dog into the back and into a crate to wait for “their turn”. The woman holding Violet was quite happy to take her and hold her for a photo. Thank you to all of them for taking such great care of our Sheltie kids and Sheltie Rescue as an organization.


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