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New Sheltie is Clearly Used to Being Loved


On Friday I got several emails from friends notifying me that West Jordan Animal Control had a Sheltie. I called and Marie Lister, angel that she is, ended up bringing this Sheltie to us — she was on her way to our house anyway and what’s a little detour (including getting lost) to get a Sheltie out of a shelter. This Sheltie was apparently pretty scared because the animal control officer couldn’t find the Sheltie in the kennel at first because the Sheltie was hiding under a bed.


Once this Sheltie had been here for an hour or so, it was obvious that this Sheltie is VERY VERY used to being in a home, is well house-trained, and has been very well loved and cared for.

So I’ve put up a lost and found ad on hoping to reunite the owner, who must be beside themselves and broken hearted, with their Sheltie-kid.

With a little luck we’ll find the person or people we’re looking for. If anyone hears of any news that might relate to this Sheltie, please let us know.













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