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Quick Update on Nash and Missy

A few days ago, we reported the fact that Nash and Missy were adopted together by a couple from St. George, UT. Barbara has spoken with them at least once, possibly a couple of times, but we also got the following from them in email:

Hi, that was a very nice blog on the kids. They are doing fine. Nash is doing alot of sleeping,but they both eat good, & do their business outside, good. If you leave the door open & we move out of the way, Missy will come right in, so thats good. We got so tickled at them this afternoon. They both started running & chasing each other in the back, & just keep going & going, till they were wore out. Did them good!!
Don’t worry about them as they are adjusting well. We go to bed between 10:30 & 11, & they sleep till 6:30 or 7a.m.

I just love the image of Nash (Nash!!) running and chasing another dog for fun! I really got tears in my eyes when I read this. They’re happy and that makes me incredibly happy. This is exactly what these two kids needed. This is exactly why we do rescue.

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3 comments to Quick Update on Nash and Missy

  • Congradulation to the Couple in St. George, UT for your successful adoption of two beautiful shelties (Nash & Missy). When you feel that they are settled in their new home and are upto meeting new friends ‘My Boys’ (Brutus and Tytus) and I would like to meet you. We live in Washington, UT; and have not seen many shelties in the area — Ultimally would like to try and create a sheltie club in our area. Let us know if you have any interest.
    Patti and ‘De Boys’

  • Patti, the couple who adopted Nash and Missy don’t do that much on the computer, and thus might not see your comment. Send email to barbaraedelberg at xmission dot com and explain why you want to contact the couple. Barbara will be happy to help.

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