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Stevie Nicks Gets a Forever Dad!

We got a call from a gentleman named Mark, in NevadHPIM0945a, who was working with Sheltie Rescue in Nevada, and Dixie, in particular. They hadn’t been able to come up with a female adult who’d be a good fit for him and for his senior mixed female and had suggested he contact us.

Mark made a marathon run from Las Vegas to Sandy, UT starting at 6:00 or 7:00am in the morning. His plan was to meet our Shelties and go straight back so he could be back at work that night! Phew! What a run! Mark works security in one of the casinos in Las Vegas. I found this kind of interesting because I’ve watched some documentaries on casino security. Security work like this involves a lot of high tech equipment — so it’s pricey and complex.

Mark brought his mixed breed female with him to make sure that whoever he adopted would get along well with her. I don’t know why but right at this moment I can’t remember her name, except that she was named after a famous race horse. I want to say Loothie but that doesn’t seem right. In any case, she’s a very mellow and sweet girl.


We had actually planned on Maizie being the likely choice and the Sheltie that would go back with Mark. Mark had lost a senior Sheltie of his several months ago — or longer perhaps. He really missed her and Loothie (sorry if this is wrong) was lonely for her too.

Maizie and Loothie met and, while Loothie was happy to say hello, Maizie growled, lifted her lip, and then went after Loothie! Totally unexpected from my point of view.

However, as Mark and I sat there and tried to see HPIM0943if the dogs would come to better terms with each other I remembered that Maizie frequently spent some time around a dominant male black poodle that would get into tiffs with Maizie and wouldn’t quit. Maizie herself was not one to slink away from an aggressive dog.

So we took Maizie back upstairs and brought down Stevie Nicks. Stevie was instantly interested in Mark and was happy to meet Loothie. What a change from Maizie. There’s nothing wrong with Maizie…she just wasn’t the right match for Mark and Loothie. That’s one of the big differences between rescues and shelters. Rescues concentrate much more on making the right match and correcting them, if needed. We try very hard to consider all the angles we can think of to set up potentially great matches. In Maizie’s case I overlooked the information about her interactions with the male, black, poodle. Looking at Loothie apparently made her think of just one thing…that black poodle, regardless of the very likely differences in scent and other traits.

On this day..

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3 comments to Stevie Nicks Gets a Forever Dad!

  • Oh, I’m glad Stevie has a new home! Sounds like they will get along great.

    Is Jill going with them, or is she still with you?

  • Nice job…so Stevie is happy…and I’m sure there is the perfect home out there for Maizie too. One without a black male dog! So that brings you down to what? Twenty Shelties or so??

  • Alyssa, Jill is still with us. The placement for Stevie Nicks was so perfect for her that we couldn’t pass it up, but the adopter wasn’t able to adopt both of them. We agonized over it, of course, but the two of them had become much less interdependent while they were here with us. Jill is such a fun puppy, such a character, and is going to make somebody very happy when they discover her.

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