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Update on Buffy, wonderful Buffy

Buffy, who we began fostering on Valentine’s Day, has proven that the human heart has no limit in its ability to love. He is  a delightful Sheltie;.  It tickles me to come home from work and hear him excitedly barking before I even open my car door.  He had a bad bout of diarrhea the first week he was with us, and his dignity was injured a few times because he could not make it outside. Thanks to Barbara’s guidance, he has recovered and has settled in to our routine and lifestyle. He is getting the hang of the dog door; our two Shelties have been good role models in that way. He, on the other hand, has both our dogs eating dry kibble and chewing on dental bones. They are so funny…………… We have a black cat who sleeps in the dog bed in our bedroom. Last night as the cat came into the room, Buffy leaped up and ran over to the bed and settled in before the cat had a chance. He has brought love and laughter and a great deal of joy to us. We are honored to have him in our care. Sharon St.John-Mercik

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