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Open the floodgates! Open the floodgates!

I just watched the Just One Dog video to which Barbara recently pointed us. Needless to say, I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks. But I want to bring you all up to date on the latest news here at Sheltie Rescue of Utah, too, so I’m blogging through my tears.

A few days ago, we got in a pair of the sweetest Sheltie girls, named Molly and Macie. They came to us from Idaho, where their family reluctantly relinquished them to us because of “potential” problems with new kids in the family. They’re litter mates, but you’d never know it by looking at them. Molly’s a little bit oversized, while Macie’s smaller. Molly’s light in coloration, while Macie’s very mahogany. Molly’s pretty confident and outgoing, while Macie’s a bit less certain of herself and a little more shy. But they’re both darlings and love (I mean love) to give kisses. I’ll try to get some photos posted (perhaps by retrofitting them in this post) in the next day or two.

On Saturday, a slightly older couple came by to relinquish their adorable, small blue merle Sheltie girl to us. Lady, as she is named, was clearly the gentleman’s dog, because he was crying while he was here. Lady, they told us, had been with them for about a year. The man is a truck driver who bought her from somebody at a roadside stand somewhere back east; she was in horrible condition and the seller didn’t seem to care about her at all, so this nice man snatched her up and took her home with him. Unfortunately, they couldn’t seem to completely house-break Lady, and they live in a “tiny trailer in a trailer park where the neighbors were starting to complain” about Lady going potty outdoors! I’m happy to say that she’s settling in very nicely here. She’s a little shy but so desperately wants to be loved that she’ll curl up in my arms and almost purr. (Unfortunately, she’s not been spayed, so that’s at the top of our list for her. Happily, she seems to be in good health and her nails and teeth look good, so she’s been well cared for.) I’ll get photos up shortly.

And today, we got a phone call from a wonderful woman who told us that two Shelties had wandered up to her house needing attention on Saturday. She’d put up posters and ads on (the web classifieds from a local radio station) and heard back from a man who said that the dogs had done the same to him about a month ago and he’d let them live in his garage until a couple of days ago. You might criticize the man for putting the dogs back onto the street, but he’s just lost his job and has to sell his house on very short notice simply to survive, so he did what he thought was right by not taking them to a shelter. Anyway, these two (un-neutered) boys are on the larger side — both in height and length and are more than a little nervous about what’s happening to them. But they’re very gentle and are, as the woman told us, welded together at the hips (meaning they stick together in everything they do). Again, we’ll get some pics of these boys up soon. Of course, because they were strays, we don’t know their real names. The man had been calling them Chad and Jack, but they don’t respond to those names particularly, so we might rename them. We really hope that we can place them together, ’cause they’ve been through so much and lost everything they know.

And, with that, we’re back to 19.

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