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Anyone recognize these two new beautiful boys?

Recently we’ve gotten in several Shelties picked up as strays that I’d normally think owners would want back. HPIM0966

These two handsome boys were running around a neighborhood in West Jordan together. One man took them in and kept them in his garage and looked for owners. This gentleman found himself in a bad financial situation and had to sell his home. I don’t know if he just let them go or what but…a woman a few blocks away saw them running around together and took them in. She called animal control, put up flyers, and put a listing on KSL.


The gentleman who’d had them for about a month in his garage called her to tell her of his experience with them. He told her that he too called animal control, put up flyers, and posted to KSL but it seemed that nobody was looking for them. The woman who took them in was discovering the same thing. She decided to look for a rescue to take them in which is how they ended up with Sheltie Rescue of Utah.

Interestingly, though, the hair on their feet and their toenails look to be in awfully good condition as though they were trimmed not that long ago. Their coats are in great shape except for the typical behind the ears mats that occur. They are oversized Sheltie boys but I think they’re underweight.


We are currently working on house training because they started off diligently marking EVERYWHERE! They are very sweet, gentle boys. The people who’d taken them in believe they are litter mates and I would agree. They are very, very bonded to each other. They avoid conflict with other dogs and seem very comfortable when they’re around other dogs.

If you think these boys look familiar in anyway we’d love to find out more about where they may have come from. – Barbara

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