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Max Goes Home to Live With Adoptee Chloe

HPIM0988Our little bi-black Sheltie boy has gotten himself a wonderful family and in addition, he’s going to be with Chloe, who he knows from his days in Sheltie Rescue! They will be able to play together and get lots of attention from stay-at-home Mom Maurreen and a loving group of children who have a very admirable work ethic. A great family in many ways. Maurreen is also quite savvy when it comes to dogs and helping them deal with whatever comes up. I was impressed with her and some of the things she’s done with their older girl dog, Caramel.


Look on the right side of this picture and you’ll see that Porter got himself included in the photo op! And he stayed put and got himself in all the photos that were taken after this one too! We’re thrilled that both Chloe and Max are in one very wonderful forever home together.

On this day..

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