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Outstanding Embroidery at a For Rescue Price — Thank You Black Spool Embroidery!!


These smiling folks are Vanessa and Bob Black who run the Black Spool Embroidery Shop. But they’re so much more than that and I only know the tiniest sliver about who they really are.

I can tell you that they’ve been supportive of Sheltie Rescue since before we were a Federal 501c3 and have helped us with pricing, donating their time to digitize our designs even though we’re pretty picky about the way the Shelties look. (We want to see certain expressions and stuff like that.)


Vanessa and Bob have always accomodated our poor scheduling skills even though this is also a busy time of the year for them. When we’re at the National people ask us who’s done the embroidery and always comment on the high quality of the embroidery products we offer. We’ve even had people ask us to find out how many needles their using in their machines and what brands of machines.

The real secret to what makes our embroideries so attractive and wonderful is Vanessa and Bob and their skills and patience in working with HPIM0983us.

On this day..

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