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It’s Quiet…Except for the Panicking

We’ll blog more about the details later, but I wanted to tell our readers that we set some kind of new record last week. In one week, we placed for adoption six (6) dogs! It happened so fast that I found myself quietly crying one evening because I couldn’t remember all the details and I was missing all of the dogs hanging around. Don’t get me wrong…it was the right thing to do for each and every one of them. The adopters are all super matches for each of the dogs, and the dogs are already sending reports about how happy they are in their new homes.

Lemme see if I can get the full list from memory (if not, I’m sure Barbara will straighten me out): Scotty, Sable, Maggie, Max, Molly, and Macey. Yup, that’s the right list.

Now, we’re panicking (well, I am…Barbara’s taking everything in stride, as she always does) because we’re supposed to drive away to the 2010 ASSA National in Tucson, AZ (about a 15 hour drive) in approximately 40 hours! And we haven’t even started selecting most of the product that we’re planning to sell there.

However, part of getting ready for joint travel is reducing the number of dogs in the house, especially for a new petsitter, which we have again this time. Consequently, we’ve sent Sparky (who was a little despondent about it) off to spend two weeks at Alan and Sharl’s house, and the two new, un-neutered, and not-quite-housetrained big boys just went off to Second Chance to be boarded while we’re gone.

The house is eerily quiet with only (pause for a quick count) ten (10) dogs in the house! Who’s still here (he asks himself aloud)? Star and Abby, of course. Tommy (who’s going with us to Tucson). Sienna and Jet. Peyton. Lady. Jill (the terrier). Porter. And the new 10-week old puppy, who was being called “Tigger”, but we’re not sure if we’re keeping the name. Heck, even with Sparky, Chad, and Jeremy, that’s only 13 and it’s unbelievably quiet.

Well, we may or may not get to blog any more before we leave for Tucson, and we’ll probably blog only a little bit while at the National (it’s incredibly busy running the Rescue Booth!). So please be patient with us!

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7 comments to It’s Quiet…Except for the Panicking

  • That’s such great news about all your adoptions! And good luck at nationals!

  • Ok, I want to hear more about the 10 week old puppy. LOL Where did it come from? Anyway, great news about the adoptions and have a great time in AZ at Nationals. Wish I was going this year, but I guess it just wasn’t to be.

  • Ten is quiet?? I have ONE and there’s very few quiet moments. Right now is one, but it’s 10:36 p.m. here and Katie falls asleep around 10:00. Have a great time in Tucson. At least try to, what with all the work.

  • Actually, I missed one — Sage! So it’s 11, not 10. That’s how quiet Sage is, I guess :)

  • Kim and Dan

    I was going to ask about Sage, she disappeared from the SRU website but you didn’t mention her as being adopted.

    I know this is a very busy time for you, but when you have a moment or two (probably after ASSA) could you give more information about Sparky?

    It continues to amaze us just how well Jerry and Misty get along. They have different personalities but neither one is overly dominant, so there are very few squabbles. It’s almost like they grew up together.

  • Congratulations on your record breaking adoption week. That is so grand!! You do such a wonderful service to the precious Shelties of Utah.
    BTW, Buffy is doing splendidly! We love him sooooooooo!!! SSj

  • Kim and Dan, Sage is obviously not adoptable, so we’ve pulled her from the adoption website. In fact, while we’re here in Tucson at the National, she has apparently quit eating; we’re uncertain whether it’s because our new (and inexperienced :( ) petsitters aren’t giving her medications on time and in the way we prescribed or if something deeper’s going on. Barbara’s wrestling today with whether she should fly home immediately and leave me here to finish up and drive home alone or whether Sage will be better off at the vet’s. Please keep your fingers crossed!

    Sparky’s being temporarily fostered at the house of some people who have previously adopted from us. He was a bit unhappy when he first went over to their house, they said, but he’s doing well now. I’ll surely be glad to see him when we get home and retrieve him, though. He is such a sweet guy and he and I have got a lovely friendship going. I’ll try to write about him shortly.

    I’m really glad to hear that Jerry and Misty are still doing so well together. That’s the kind of report that makes me smile!!

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