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Horrible Week, Sort Of

Just a brief report from the 2010 ASSA National in Tucson, AZ (USA)…

First, sales are down. Horribly down. We’re just over 50% of the sales we normally have by this time (end of Thursday). Barbara and I would be better off financially if we’d just stayed home :(

Second, some time yesterday between 2:00 PM and maybe 4:30 PM, Barbara’s laptop went walkabout…right out of the Sheltie Rescue booth! No credible suspects, but a couple of suspicions. It’s not the hardware that we care about (although nobody likes losing a computer, we were starting to think about replacing it anyway), it’s the data and personal/financial information stored on the machine that’s got us upset.

On the other hand, Tommy was in the Sheltie carting demonstration on Tuesday afternoon and (a)had a real blast and (b)was a genuine star! It was great, got lots of attention, and made some great points about “there’s no such thing as a disposable dog”.

Abby has appointed herself as the official greeter at the Sheltie Rescue Booth and has been having a ball meeting dozens of people, all of whom think she’s the cutest thing on four paws. She wears herself out by the end of the day, but she’s really enjoying herself…as are we (enjoying having her here with us).

More later…

On this day..

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4 comments to Horrible Week, Sort Of

  • You’d think at an event like you’re attending that all people would be dog people and we KNOW all dog people are wonderful. On the other hand, two purses have been stolen while people were in classes where I take Katie to dog school. So…we should be less innocent I guess. Sad though. I hope you get it back, but truthfully I doubt it. Wish there was a way for you to lock it down remotely so that they don’t get any information. Did you put a stop on your credit cards and warn the banks? Have you checked today to make sure withdrawals are not occurring? Also you can warn the three credit bureaus that your identity has been stolen so that NO lender or merchant who checks your credit before approving a new loan allows a new loan.

  • I just hate to hear stuff like that. It really bursts my bubble about dog people. I always feel pretty safe leaving personal belongings out fairly unprotected at trials and such, but I guess it’s really not that good of an idea. :-(

    Also, so sorry to hear that sales are down so much this year. That’s aweful!

    Very nice to hear about Tommy and Abby though. At least there was a little bit of a bright spot in the trip to Nationals.

  • Hope the week ended on a better note. So thrilled to hear Tommy and Abby had a good time!

  • As Team Leader for the Carting with Shelties demo at ASSA National Specialty, I have to
    say that Tommy wowed the crowd. He was really proud, head up, ears alert, and very trusting
    of Jim. Some people were astounded that any Sheltie would pull a cart, much less a blind and
    deaf one. The secret is that Jim and Tommy have a bond of trust and love and it was
    very apparent to me and to the crowd. We have given Sheltie Rescue a new face and prove again that handicapped is just a word – not one, I might add, that is in Tommy’s mind set. The great thing is that Tommy loves to cart – he is a working dog after all.

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