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Jodee Is Deelicious

I mentioned briefly in a post from yesterday that we’d driven up to Ogden to pick up a blue merle girl named Jodee, and that she is going to make somebody an incredible agility prospect. Heck, I’d love to adopt her myself, but it really wouldn’t be fair to our own Star and Abby — especially not Abby, since I’m theoretically supposed to be training her in agility already.

Jodee’s been here for only 48 hours, so we don’t know her really well, but we have some definite impressions! First, she’s as cute as a button, but you could have guessed that…after all, she’s a Sheltie. Second, she’s still a puppy, somewhere in the 8 month old range. That doubles down on the cuteness factor, of course.

Jodee standing in front of Barbara

She’s really small, just about 13 inches, I think, and maybe no more than 10 or 12 pounds. I think she’s a bit skinny, but that’s certainly better than fat! And the energy she burns playing with the other dogs (especially 16 week old Tigger) is likely to keep her slender. She’s got a ton of energy and a great attitude towards almost everything.

The exception to “everything” is being in a crate. She gets seriously indignant when we put her into her crate at night or during the day. She’ll complain for a little while, but quits reasonably soon. (Tigger, on the other hand, will complain in his awfully shrill voice almost indefinitely…until he tires himself out, or the squirt bottle comes out and gets him wet!)

Jodee has — get this — 1.85 blue eyes! One eye is completely blue, but the other one is not completely…a small segment of it is very dark brown. At least that’s what it seems to me. It’s tough to get her to stay still long enough to be positive :) One ear is nicely tipped, but the other is not completely convinced that it’s going to stay tipped. I’m not sure what, if anything, we’re going to do about that, but it would be nice if they both tipped.

She’s going through a major chewing stage, and nothing is safe. Even though we have the floor virtually carpeted with toys, she’ll still trot around with the safety label she’s just ripped off an electrical cord or something equally inappropriate. She’s keeping us on our toes, that’s for sure!

She’s very slightly cautious around new people, as a Sheltie should be, but she’s not afraid of anything we’ve found. She loves meeting new people, she explores everywhere in the yard without hesitation, and she act like she’s game to try just about any activity. She’s very “kissy” (not to mention kissable), but Barbara tells me that she’s seen Jodee try to eat poop in the backyard, so I keep my mouth firmly closed when we’re snuggling!!

She gets along very well with the other dogs in the house…and very-oversized Lucky is quite taken with her. We believe that she’s not yet been spayed, so that’s got to be resolved (and done, if she hasn’t been) before she can be adopted. She’s also very good with our cat, Zen-Cat, although she’s terribly curious about Zenny.

Jodee lying still for a moment...

Now, how cute is that!

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9 comments to Jodee Is Deelicious

  • Awww! A bi-blue agility prospect. What could be more fun?! I’m sure she’ll find a great home soon! :-)

  • DeBoys and Me

    What a pretty girl! May I make a suggestion for her ears? With her age being around 8 months she is still teething and this is one of the reasons the ears to standing; if you take the time to glue them down this will help with the tipping. I used a hair extension glue for my boys during this time, along with massaging the ears while glued in the tipped position to help keep the cartilage soft. This will help train the ears to stay tipped. You may even need to re-glue every couple of weeks for several months, but it is worth taking the time to do so. You can purchase the hair extension glue at any beauty supply store and along with the glue purchase the glue remover to remove glue build up every couple of weeks.
    Patti and DeBoys

  • Patti, thanks for the suggestion re: Jodee’s ears. We’ll get on that this weekend. I think she’s going to grow up to be really gorgeous and it’d be a shame for one wayward ear to spoil her looks.

    Now, about those eyes… I had a much closer look at them today and they’re even more interesting than I thought. Both of her eyes are blue in the lower right 1/3 to 1/2, and dark (still can’t tell if it’s exactly brown or not!) in the upper left 1/2 to 2/3! Very striking, I gotta say!

    And we’re actively working on “come here”, which is tough for a super-playful puppy to master instantly :)

  • Harleysmom

    Cute as a bug. Nothing like a puppy to bring a little life to the house! Pretty cute.

  • OMG! Jodee is gorgeous! I’ll spread the word.

  • awwww…she’s beautiful

  • valerie carlyle-pierce

    hi i dont know if you can help me or not or at least point me in the right direction!! im looking to adopt a blue merle sheltie. i would be a very good home and very responsible. My mother actually owned breed and raised shelties my whole life, but she is just starting over at it. however she doesnt do much with blues but my favorite is a blue. if u could help me or have some insite me please email me or give me a call valerie carlyle pierce
    641-426-6463 thanks

  • Valerie, we’d be happy to help you if possible. The best way for this to proceed is for you to go to our adoption website, and fill out our adoption application. On the left side of the web page, you’ll find a link named “Online forms”; click on that link and you’ll be taken to a page where you can access our 3-part adoption application. Once you fill out all three parts, we’ll be notified automatically and will get in touch with you to talk about possibilities.

    Hope this helps,

  • She is truly adorable! I hope the glue works. What a good idea.

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