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Still Stoked With Shelties

Well it was almost a year ago to the day since I got my Chance and made my first post here.He is a 15tall black&white.I still e-mail the mother of the little girl that had to re home him updates and pics.I know she loved him a lot.He is just the best dog!He has grown with us.He has watched the day old chicks grow up into egg layers.He now enjoys their cooked up eggs!!! I can still remember every time when one started peeping Chance getting up to look in the box to make sure they were ok.Chris(my guy)and him are best buddies.He jokes that he is his chicken herding dog.A year ago he was saying “what a neurotic little dog”.”He is scared of his shadow”.”He might be a good dog but the best dog,really?”"He is dinky.”,”why does the dog have to circle the couch before he goes outside?”,”stupid little doggy”We had both had big dogs last and he would joke”The dogs legs feel hollow like the chickens”How things have changed in a year!Now we have three!!!We got a tri colored girl named Lady in February.She is a dainty thing at 12high.She IS neurotic spinning circles at the front door when she goes out.She is a cuddle bunny though.I paid $100 for her.The people seemed nice.I was however taken aback when I was told she had already had two akc listed litters at age three.They had four young boys.I almost didn’t get her because of prick ears&shorter hairbut she had a four year old riding her back while telling me he could ride her like a horse!The mom did not stop him.Of course with four kids …They would call for her and she would get out of her crate .She was very friendly with us but then would turn around and go in her crate.They said she stayed in there(no wonder!).Well now she jumps up and spends time on the couch with a paw on me!She is a happy dog.And yesterday we got another one.She was an outside dog living alone in a pen since her pen mate died.He lady bought her to keep her Jack russel dog company.She said said now Jazzie just brought up the fact her dog died.She was giving her away and selling the dog pen.Her posting stated akc&not fixed.I did not want her going to the wrong hands!I googled where she lived and it was over an hour away!Did not care!She I think is called a blue mertle with one blue eye and one brown one.She is really lovely four year old.She said I sounded like the best home for her and if I could come today I could have her.We later got a call saying she had sold the kennel and had no where to put her.She met us close by which I was greatful for.Off we went… We got there and I was shocked to find a 50 pound sheltie!She said she feeds her about a cup of food a day.I was glad I had slipped a leash on her when petting her because she freaked out and tried to dash on the lady.Scared me to death!!! I am taking her to the vet to make sure she does not have thyroid problems .I mean she is HUGE!!!The lady said it was just no exercise in the pen but one never knows.I brought her home and gave her a bath and we are working on house training.She is also skittish as can be right now .She wants to run from you.To be so fat she is still quick!The only way I can catch her is to coo and pet the others . She will come over so I can nab her!I hope that will change in time.Anyway,I almost have a herd of them lol!I just love these dogs!!!

On this day..

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2 comments to Still Stoked With Shelties

  • OH MY! Sounds like you have a handful and a half! But I’m so glad you saved three Shelties, they are just the BEST dogs!!!

  • Harleysmom

    Hi Britt!

    Sounds like a better situation. I have seen as a groomer 65-75 lb shelties but they die early and uncomfortable deaths. It destroys their knees, and their back, and their immune system most importantly. Glad to see you’ll be reducing her diet to an appropriate portion and type of diet for her and getting her walks. Good luck!

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