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New Video of Who’s In Rescue

As our readers know, Barbara’s laptop was stolen at the ASSA National a few weeks ago. We’re incredibly happy to report that a hugely generous gentleman from the Houston area has donated a new laptop, which is probably going to arrive here in the next couple of weeks!

But being without a laptop means that Barbara’s been having to use our home desktop computer which is, shall we say, a little long in the tooth and not terribly convenient for doing things like uploading videos. In addition to that problem, we’ve had an influx of new dogs into rescue, a couple of adoptions, and several medical problems with rescued dogs that we’ve been handling (several of which were contagious and kept going ’round and ’round the pack).

As of today, the worst of it appears to be behind us, the dogs are doing much better, and Barbara used my computer to upload a video she shot of the dogs a couple of days ago. And I’ve finally found a cycle or two to write a quick blog entry (while we’re doing our taxes for 2009) and link to the video.

Without further ado, then, here’s the new video:

On this day..

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5 comments to New Video of Who’s In Rescue

  • Well, as usual you two have your hands full. I think Aria and Jodee are my favorites. Thanks for taking time to post the new video!

  • Wow. I can’t keep my favorites straight. I know I love Sparky, and darn…I already forgot, but one of the older dogs…and love Fluffy too! Oh, I want them all. Of course that’s probably what got YOU guys into this in the first place! LOL!

    Katie watched with interest for a bit, then she went to check for crumbs on the rug. She hasn’t seen me in a couple days and she’s still more interested in crumbs. Ah well.

  • Hi Barbara and Jim: Just wanted you to know how well Buffy is doing! He is the best boy! We took all three to the groomer on Monday, and he has a lovely shiny coat. They think he is a sweetheart. He has yet to snap at any of us………. I have added glucosomine to his schedule since his joints seem to be tender sometimes. He is loyal and loving; he starts his happy-bark when he hears the garage door open. Frank opens the door and he comes racing to greet me. Mattie trails along while Queen Chole waits for me at the door.

    I find it interesting that Frank has observed he goes to the door that goes into the garage about 1/2 hr. before I am due home. He lays down and waits until he hears the garage door open. I feel very honored. He is so loved and I am being religious about giving him all his meds. He is thriving and is such a precious addition to our family.

  • You really got your hands full on dogs eh. You really know how to take care of them. I like Fluffy and Jet.

  • Sherlock watched the whole video with me with great interest. I said, “Look, that’s where you and Teddy lived before you came home to me. And that’s your aunt Barbara’s voice!” I ended up with nose prints all over my laptop screen. I love Jodie and Tigger and Peyton!

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