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Peyton Got Mail!

Imagine our surprise this afternoon when we brought in the mail and there was an Express Mail envelope addressed to Peyton!

Some weeks ago, a man in Florida (a lawyer, as it happens, but that’s not particularly significant to the story) saw Peyton on our adoption web site and was really touched by the caption below one of the photos of Peyton. (The caption reads “I would love you more than you can imagine.”) This gentleman contacted us and said that his circumstances do not currently make it appropriate for him to adopt a dog, but he is very interested in Peyton and wants to help in whatever way he can.

Well, that wasn’t idle chit-chat. Among other things, this lovely man has offered to donate a new laptop to Sheltie Rescue (that’s in addition to the man from Houston who offered to do the same thing).

Today’s envelope for Peyton contained a nice note that I read aloud to Peyton while he sniffed the envelope. It also contained a very generous donation of $150 with the request that we use it to get something nice for Peyton. At the moment, I can’t imagine exactly what we’ll spend it on, but we’ll probably put it to good use for dog food, medical bills, and a special toy for Peyton (who has recently really started playing with tug toys and bringing them to us to tug with him).

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2 comments to Peyton Got Mail!

  • BluvsJ

    I think we need some clarification here. The gentleman in Florida is Steve…and is someone who dearly loves his Shelties. Steve has even rescued a Sheltie girl from a nasty woman who was breeding her over and over and left her outside except when she was having puppies. Steve was persistent and after about a year, the woman let him have this Sheltie-girl, named Smurf. Smurf and Steve’s heart Sheltie, Ladd, fell in love the moment they saw each other. The story of Ladd’s passing followed by Smurf’s only days later is so sad and touching…but I’ll save that for another time. Well, Steve got himself a laptop that he’s not happy with and decided to replace it with a different laptop. Having called us and sent photos of his Shelties along with a check for Peyton — so we could do something special for this sweet Sheltie-boy, I was in email contact with Steve. Steve got to hear me moan and groan about using this old desktop as backup while we try to replace my stolen laptop. (I complained but didn’t know that Steve was thinking of replacing his new laptop.) I keep apologizing to everyone for responding much more slowly than usual because just waiting for this thing to wake up and let me do anything takes time. I guess once Steve made up his mind to get himself a new laptop, he offered us his previous laptop, rather than returning it to the store, which I assume was an option.

    Howard, who lives in Houston, was at the Sheltie National (with his wife, I believe) and participated in some of the performance events with his rescued Shelties. As a consequence, he was in the Parade of Rescues. Howard is the amazing person who purchased 500 raffle tickets for the rescue quilt. He did this last year too. Neither time has he won the quilt. You can imagine what it might be like to work at the Rescue Booth all week and give raffle tickets out to people in $20 stretches, or 6 tickets for $5, or single $1 tickets, when someone shows up asking for 500. Of course, I’d forgotten about last year and was stunned. As a consequence of Howard’s generous purchase of raffle tickets for the quilt, his credit card information ended up in my laptop case, when it was stolen. Jim and I had a lot of people that we called to notify them that their credit card information might be at risk. We had to explain to each person what had happened. I didn’t even realize that the next name on my list was Howard, who had purchased all these raffle tickets. I just called and talked to him about his credit card information and explained what had happened, and we gave some advice about what to do and the phone number of the credit reporting bureaus so that they could put a WATCH on their accounts. Well, Howard’s company is Texas IP Labs where they test and work with a lot of computers and components and software, as I understand it. And he volunteered to send me a laptop. We discussed what I needed over several weeks and he ended up making a very generous donation towards the purchase of a laptop for Sheltie Rescue.

  • Yea Peyton! He is SUCH a cute little boy. I hope he finds his forever home soon. Can’t wait to hear what’s happening with Chad and Jeremy!

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