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New Boy plus an Update

I’ve only got a couple of minutes, but I wanted to tell y’all about this new boy who came into SRU today. He’s a lovely, if slightly short-legged, blue merle, about two years old, named Schuyler (well, maybe it’s spelled “Skyler”…that’s how it’s pronounced, anyway). His family very reluctantly turned him over to us because their 7 year old son has developed asthma to accompany his severe allergy to pet dander; they struggled for months to find a way to control the boy’s illness while keeping their Sheltie, but they finally had to admit defeat. Schuyler’s a really sweet guy who’s wandering around our house panting with some anxiety, looking down the stairs to the room where he last saw his people. At least he’s coming to us for comfort and to ask what’s going on. He’s getting along OK with the other kids in the house and he’ll be just fine, but he’s going to have a rough couple of days at first. (Update: His former mom just phoned t0 ask how he’s doing.)

On the “update” front: We talked to the people who adopted Chad and Jeremy from us last weekend. They hadn’t phoned us, so Barbara phoned them. We were delighted to learn that both boys handled the drive to Sacramento very well and have settled in to their new home with the grace and aplomb that we assumed they would. The family seems really in love with these two wonderful, sweet, gentle boys and we’re convinced that this was the perfect adoption for them.

Also, on the “update” front: We got a call from the family who adopted two Shelties from us a couple of months ago (Molly and Macey). They’d intended to adopt both dogs for the man’s elderly father, but when they got the dogs home, grandpa took a shine to only Molly and didn’t want anything to do with Macey. The family decided they’d like to adopt Macey themselves, and we gave them permission to do so. Well, grandma has taken a turn for the worse (according to dad, she may have as little as a week to live) and grandpa doesn’t have the strength to care for Molly any more. So, Molly’s coming back to us this coming weekend, as soon as we can arrange transportation for her.

To balance Molly’s return, we expect that Porter will go to his forever home this coming weekend, too; in fact, his adopting family will probably provide Molly’s transportation back here, since they live fairly close to the family who adopted Molly and Macey.

All in all, counting the other new boy (a very large Sheltie!) waiting to come in, we expect to have about 18 dogs in the house by next Sunday evening. Again.

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1 comment to New Boy plus an Update

  • I just thought I’d report that Molly did, indeed, come back to us, but only for an overnight visit. The wonderful women who drove down here from the Boise, ID, area to meet Porter — and who transported Molly as a favor to us — fell in love with Molly during the long drive. Although they really loved Porter when they met him, circumstances didn’t permit them to adopt two dogs, and Molly got the nod.

    When they drove away, Molly was clearly one happy girl to be going home with the people she already knew and loved. But don’t worry about Porter…there were a number of people interested in adopting him before we put him into the “reserved” category, and we expect that he’ll have his forever home in almost no time at all.

    Happy endings…gotta love ‘em!

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