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Have You Ever Wondered If Your Dog Has What It Takes To Be A Therapy Dog?

 If you live in the southern portion of UTAH — Mark your calendar:  May 10, 2010 at 3pm – ‘DeBoy’s Therapy Animal Group’ (DeBoys T.A.G.) will be hosting an:

Information & Pre-Evaluation Meeting for Delta Society Pet Partner Program.

Sue Grundfest will be coming to town to answer all of our questions about Delta Society Pet Partner Program.Sue is the Delta Pet Partner Evaluator/Instructor that evaluated Brutus and Tytus.  It has been a challenge to make this happen, she is a very busy with evaluating and instructing pet partner teams in Vegas.  So, please help me make this a worthwhile trip to St. George for her.  I have been bragging about our teams for some time now and she has agreed to come meet us all.

DeBoys Showing Off Tricks

Current Therapy Dog Teams:   This is your chance to get information, ask questions about how and why we should be registered with the Delta Society.  What Delta Society is?  What they offer?

New/Upcoming/ Therapy Dog Teams: This is your chance to see if you and your dog have what it takes to be a pet partner team.  Does your dog have the right temperament to be a therapy dog?  Do you want to know what is expected of you and your dog as a therapy dog team?  This is the time and place to find out.  Bring your dogs to have his/her temperament pre-evaluated – remember your dog will be among other dogs.
Please call me at 435-862-3933 or email at  to request a seat and get information on where.  We want you and your dog to come to this meeting – I want the chance for Sue to meet all of our great teams – current and upcoming.  This is our chance to show that a small community has BIG HEARTS and are willing to go the extra mile.

P.S.  All are welcome to come if you are going to be in our neck of the woods — St. George, UT.

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3 comments to Have You Ever Wondered If Your Dog Has What It Takes To Be A Therapy Dog?

  • Good luck with the session! I’d be there, but commuting from Michigan is a little bit long! Hope you find lots of new partners! I’d love to have Katie evaluated, though I think she’s a bit skittish for therapy work.

  • I hope it’s a huge success. Two of my Shelties, Twist and Zoe both passed the TDI test for therapy dogs a couple of years ago. We’ve never tried to get them evaluated, tested and registered with the Delta society. I think therapy dogs are so wonderful. I’ve just not had the time to pursue it with the boarding kennel, agility and obedience. I don’t think I’ll be able to make the trip to St. George, but if something changes, I’ll be sure to contact you! :-)

  • So, Patti, yesterday was the magic day when you had your Delta Society meeting. We’re all hoping to read a report of how the day went. When you get a few minutes, please write a new blog post and tell us all about it!

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