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Peyton Gets a Package!

Hi,  The discussion on iGive and related issues is great.  I can’t believe how quickly the pennies add up!  Go Patti!

In the meantime, our rescue Sheltie Peyton-boy, who’s been with us awhile, got a package from Steve in Florida!  Peyton was turned over by his family because they could no longer care for him.  He has allergies.  Despite lots of testing the vet and his family weren’t able to pin down the allergies to anything specific.  His family clipped his coat and were put on a schedule of bathing Peyton almost daily.  Then they had some newborn infants in the house and Mom was just overwhelmed.  When Peyton was turned over to Sheltie Rescue and I heard the history and learned that they’d never put him on an allergy diet, I thought, well…what’ve we got to lose?  I put him on the allergy diet that I’ve seen was effective with another Sheltie, Hills Prescription d/d Duck kibble and canned.

To my surprise, the open sores on Peyton’s feet cleared up very quickly after he started this diet.  His non-stop ear infection cleared up and hasn’t been back.  When I tried to wean him off of the d/d Duck diet, sores started to appear again.  Back onto 100% d/d Duck diet.  This really seems to work for him.  I would be suspicious of whether or not just any duck diet would work though.  I’ve seen one veterinary duck diet not work when d/d did work.

Because of Peyton’s need for a special diet potential adopters have steered clear of him despite the fact that he’s a beautiful Sheltie-boy with a very loyal and loving disposition.  Well, Peyton now has his own special angel in Steve.  Steve has sent several packages for Peyton but this is the first one that was so very yummy!  Here’s the video of what Steve sent and how Peyton felt about it.  Do you think Peyton enjoyed Steve’s gift?  You tell me…  – Barbara

Peyton Gets a Package from Steve

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